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  • Amy Winehouse is nominated for six Grammys, including nods in all the major Grammy categories: Album of the Year (Back to Black), Record of the Year (“Rehab”), Song of the Year (“Rehab”), and Best New Artist. Let’s just hope that a) she’s well enough to perform at the ceremony, b) she actually performs at the ceremony, and c) she actually performs well at the ceremony. None of that loopy, slurry business like at the MTV Europe Awards. We don’t play that over here. This is her big moment, and I know she can kill if she’s on form. Rapper Kanye West leads the field with eight nominations.

  • Amy Winehouse is currently “under the care of physicians” for her drug problems, The Times reports.
  • The Sun employs their infamous “nostril-cam” to detect a “mystery white powder” in Amy’s nose.
  • Victoria Beckham calls herself “a gay man trying to get out.” Wouldn’t it be funny if it was Victoria’s “inner being” that David Beckham fell in love with?(Mirror)
  • In The Sun, writer Julie Burchill issues a sharp rebuttal to Fay Weldon‘s rant yesterday in The Daily Mail about The Spice Girls: “Is she insane? The only thing that has come to an end here is the ability of a once-intelligent writer to analyze the careers and morals of her sisters without her thought processes being polluted by envy and bitterness. But then, that’s always been the way; when the nipples go south, the nose goes north – and old girls who used to be able to get their kit off without frightening the horses will inevitably look down their snouts at women who still can.”
  • Billy Bragg criticizes Morrissey’s remarks about immigration: “I think what he said is inflammatory. He just doesn’t realize he’s playing with fire. I can’t help feeling there’s a certain willfulness in talking to the NME and bringing these things up. Do I think he’s a racist? No. Do I think he’s foolish to say these things? Yes I do. He’s someone who used to be able to articulate an Englishness that’s attractive and charming. No, he’s not a racist, he’s a bore. And to the old Morrissey, that would have been even worse, and I speak as a Smiths fan.”(The Independent)
  • If there was ever a better opportunity for a mob hit…: Westlife has aimed to keep singing until they have more number-one hits than The Beatles.(The Sun)
  • McFly is one of the most unfairly maligned bands out there. Granted, they’ve had the tendency, like Girls Aloud, to do sh!te covers, but their melodic songwriting is truly refreshing. In today’s Sun, the band’s frontman and songwriter Tom Fletcher says the band does get annoyed at the lack of respect: “We went through a stage of being really annoyed about it all and being so frustrated we didn’t get that recognition. It would be brilliant to have some of that and get some Ivor Novello awards, but we don’t.”
  • Nigel Martin-Smith responds to Robbie Williams‘ apology with a verbal beatdown: “Rob should have five years off as he can’t swim against the tide of popularity. He needs to take some time off and stop loving himself so much.”(Mirror)
  • Robbie Williams’ mother says her son may return to Take That.(NME)
  • Look out, Old Compton Street: Will Young has split from his longtime partner and is on the prowl.(Mirror)
  • ’80s electro artist Gary Numan has a “Gothic-themed” home in Sussex, England, and you can view photos of it in The Independent.
  • You have one more week to download Radiohead‘s album from their website.
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  • The Guardian‘s Louis Pattison looks forward to a “21st century Portishead.”
  • Former Oasis manager Alan McGee is mad about a new Noel.(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
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