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  • The trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl – starring Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and mmmmm, Eric Banais now online. Quite funny that the three main roles are played by two Americans and an Aussie, which I suppose is fair play given how Brits have infiltrated Hollywood. The script is from Peter Morgan, and the supporting cast is top-caliber. In the trailer, look out for Kristin Scott Thomas, David Morrissey (really bad hair), and the great Mark Rylance (even worse) in the trailer. (If you’ve forgotten how handsome Rylance can be, here’s the trailer for the fantastic 2004 film, Intimacy.)

  • Sir Anthony Hopkins slams America’s obsession with celebrity: “The obsession with Anna Nicole Smith, the obsession with Paris Hilton. The whole world is obsessed. The national nightmare – will Paris Hilton be released from jail? You look at the magazines. Brad and Angelina – everyone is so breathless because ‘Are they going to break up?’ What is this about? It is insanity. But it feeds a mass of people who work day in, day out. They have a struggle to survive and have no other outlet but to be entertained. It’s not the people’s fault. It is the way the media exploits the people.”(Guardian)
  • Kenneth Branagh on facing death: “This may be a daft thing to say, but I lost both my parents in the last couple of years, and I feel as though that very sort of direct connection to a sense of loss makes you look at your life and somehow determine to value and relish it, not knowing – as it were – when your time will be up. I know this sounds rather melodramatic to be saying at 46 – but you are suddenly aware tempus fugit and all that. So, you know, you’ve got to get on with it.”(Telegraph)
  • A new ad promoting London tourism “features a football hooligan, topless, head shaved, with the St. George’s Cross painted across his back. He is a man of unexpected talent, for our friend is shown urinating from an inordinate distance, into a china teacup. London is ‘just around the corner’, the slogan says.”(Guardian)
  • According to The Sun, UK network ITV, home to X-Factor, tried to keep Simon Cowell from appearing on competitor BBC’s Children In Need program, airing tonight. ITV bosses said it would breach his contract, but a livid Cowell got the network to back down.
  • Rhydian is set to perform the Pet Shop Boys version of “Go West” on this weekend’s X Factor. I’m intrigued.(The Sun)
  • Former winner Shayne Ward throws his support behind Rhydian, saying he’s the only contestant left “who can sing.”(The Sun)
  • Kylie Minogue is caught in a tug-of-war between X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, who both want Minogue to appear on their show.(The Sun)
  • campaigns to take The X Factor out of Xmas.(Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.