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  • Royal romance news: Prince Harry and Zimbabwe-born girlfriend Chelsy Davy may or may not have split over the weekend, according to The Sun. But Davy has hightailed it out of the UK, reportedly because – wait for it – it’s cold up there. Couldn’t Harry have bought the poor girl a damn winter coat?

  • David Beckham will model underwear for Armani.(Just Jared)
  • The newly “homeless” Kate Moss has moved in with her friend Davinia Taylor, and neighbors are complaining about the late-night parties.(Daily Mail)
  • Kate Moss mistook Conservative Party leader David Cameron for a plumber.(Reuters)
  • Torchwood star and balladeer John Barrowman has begun his “exclusive video diary” with The Sun.
  • The media outed him as a nanny-boinking cad, and Jude Law wants to say “thank you.”(The Sun)
  • Comedian Russell Brand – who has an autobiography coming out, ya know – says he roomed with a pedophile while seeking treatment for sex addiction: “‘Ok’, I thought, ‘I’ve got a bit of an eye for the ladies’, now as a punishment I’m rooming with a pedophile. ‘Is that going to be helpful?'” (The Sun)
  • Daniel Craig and classical musician Myleene Klass have the best celebrity bodies, according to a survey.(The Sun)
  • A tipsy Peaches Geldof bursts into the men’s restroom, and somehow she’s the victim?(Mirror)
  • Keith Allen (Robin Hood) gives his blessing to daughter Lily‘s romance with Chemical Brothers musician Ed Simon, who is 15 years her senior.(Mirror)
  • Rod Stewart‘s wife, Penny Lancaster, was kicked off Strictly Come Dancing, the British Dancing With The Stars. The Sun alleges that Lancaster bolted the set in tears and snubbed the after-party.
  • Even David Walliams (Little Britain) has jumped on the Rhydian bandwagon.(The Sun)
  • Malcolm McLaren walked out on I’m Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here because the show is “fake,” he says. A TV “reality” show, fake? What is the world coming to?(Daily Mail)
  • The Guardian‘s Jonathan Jones calls Britain’s national flag, the “Union Jack,” ugly – especially compared to the U.S. and French flags. “The American and French flags were both created by revolutionary peoples choosing their own insignia – in contrast to the union flag, imposed from above. But that’s not all. Coincidentally or not, peoples’ flags tend to be better looking. The American flag is classical and stylish. Similarly, the French revolutionary tricolour is simple and abstract – the red flag even more so. That famous soviet photograph of the red flag hanging above ruined Berlin in 1945 wouldn’t be as moving (even in black and white) with the messy hodge-podge of the union flag.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.