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  • It wasn’t $35 million, but Hugh Grant still made a bundle on that Andy Warhol painting of Liz Taylor. It sold for $23.7 million at auction, giving him a $20.1 million profit.(Telegraph)

  • The Sun reports that Heather Mills‘s website “was only the 242,174th most viewed in the UK – around the same as specialist”
  • John Barrowman flirts with a Hugo Boss shop boy and bemoans his stubborn belly fat in Day Three of his Sun video diary.
  • Like popping a balloon: Aussie actress Isla Fisher, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s fiancée, has dropped all her weight just three weeks after giving birth.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Matthew Rhys “begged, offered money” just to get a peek at Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller‘s nude bathing scene for The Edge of Love, he jokes.
    (The Sun)
  • Pierce Brosnan has signed on for the sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair. Rene Russo won’t be returning.(BBC)
  • Life On Mars co-creator Tony Jordan is set to return to his old haunt, the UK soap EastEnders.(The Stage)
  • The Sound of Music star Connie Fisher has signed on for Caught In a Trap, an ITV primetime drama about “a woman obsessed with Elvis Presley.”
    (Daily Mail)
  • French digital signals could interfere with TV viewing for residents in southern England. The Times reports, “Analog signals will be switched off region by region, with the whole country converted to digital television by 2012, according to the Government plan. But if France switches to digital signals before Britain, some English viewers could suffer.”
  • Terry Jones talks with The Daily Telegraph about a scene deleted from Monty Python’s Life of Brian because it was deemed “too offensive.” It featured “a radical, first-century Jewish revolutionary who has the same dreams as the young Adolf Hitler. Otto sports a toothbrush moustache, and, in case we still haven’t got the message, his disciples all wear a symbol that combines the Star of David with a swastika. These are ‘Nazi Jews’.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.