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  • Lily Allen calls Radiohead‘s “pay what you want” experiment “arrogant,” adding that “they’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven’t done as well. You don’t choose how to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?” Simon over at No Rock And Roll Fun quite easily dismantles her argument: “Actually, Lily, in some places you do choose how much to pay for eggs – on country lanes you find a basket of eggs and an honest box with an invitation to pay what you feel they’re worth. And it’s not as if the concept of paying someone according to how well they’ve pleased you is totally alien, is it? Unless Lily tips waiters and cabbies a fixed amount, delineated in advance. Paying someone according to the quality of service – why should it be different for music, Lily?”

  • Oasis denies they are following in Radiohead‘s footsteps: Liam Gallagher said they’d release an album for free “over his dead body.” Which, I’m sure, is a pleasant prospect for some.(NME)
  • Jimmy Page says the Led Zeppelin reunion may be more than a one-off: a full reunion tour could be in the works: “It’s a bit silly not to because there is such massive demand…It’s a bit selfish to do just one show. If that’s it, we probably shouldn’t have taken the genie out of the bottle.” At least that would be some satisfaction to the fans who got screwed when Zeppelin’s London show was postponed.(Contact Music)
  • Beatles songs will be available in 2008 on iTunes, according to Paul McCartney.(NME)
  • Siouxsie Sioux is set for a North American tour in February.(NME)
  • Amy Winehouse‘s parents called an ambulance to the singer’s home last night because they couldn’t get in touch with her. Probably one of the few cases in which that’s not an overreaction.(Daily Mail)
  • The Mirror tracks Amy Winehouse‘s transformation into long-suffering prisoner’s wife.
  • Westlife member Mark Feehily stands up for Amy Winehouse: “I’ve been a big Amy Winehouse fan for years – way before anyone had really heard of her. It’s sad because I’ve met her and she’s a lovely, intelligent, nice person, but the person you read about is the bleeding, drunk, drugged-up Amy Winehouse. There’s a lot more to her.”(Contact Music)
  • The Mirror gives some chum to the stalkerazzi: the paper reveals the locations of The Spice Girls‘ new L.A. digs.
  • Friends Geri Halliwell and George Michael have reportedly fallen out. Why? George allegedly took too long to write what was supposed to be The Spice Girls‘ comeback song, and Geri decided to move forward with “Headlines.” (NME)
  • Is rapper Dizzee Rascal romancing reality TV bimbo Chanelle?(Daily Mail)
  • A new Kate Bush song, “Lyra,” will be featured on the Golden Compass soundtrack.(BBC)
  • Yes, Ronan Keating will rejoin Boyzone for their tour. (BBC)
  • Joss Stone is disappointed that British fans have turned on her: “I felt kind of sad about it actually. It’s funny because the only country that hasn’t liked it is my own. It’s just like, well, thanks guys! It’s like coming home and having them be like, ‘Go away, we don’t like you!’ It’s the whole country and it’s like they’re mad at me for being in the US. Maybe it’s because I dye my hair, maybe because my accent is messed up. But I’ve got to let it go and get on with my music.”(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.