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  • Heather Mills‘ new publicist is even wackier than she is, and that’s truly saying something: Page Six reports, “Michelle [sic] Elyzabeth, an LA-based French publicist who was hired after Mills’ last rep dumped her over her crazed anti-Paul McCartney TV tirade, has created a website with once-a-week video blogs where she angrily defends Mills and poses with her tiny dog, Bijou. ” In one video blog, she takes on the ladies of The View, who apparently had some harsh words to say about her client. She refers to Joy Behar as an “orrible yuman being.” Truly this lady has to be seen to be believed. And her lack of eyebrows is disturbing.

  • Jane Seymour has won the first round in a court battle with her neighbors over late-night parties at her home in St. Catherine’s Valley.(Guardian)
  • Jane Seymour parties harder than Robbie Williams or Robert Smith, her neighbors say. (Telegraph)
  • In Day Four of his Sun video diary, John Barrowman does a sexy striptease in a parking garage.
  • Keira Knightley is on-location in Bath to shoot the period film The Duchess. Just Jared has photos of the dolled-up actress.
  • Anthony Head (Little Britain) and Warren Clarke (Bleak House) have signed on to the new BBC dramedy Desperados, which finds the two actors playing “two villains…who leave a life of crime in Spain to retire in a sleepy Devon fishing village, but soon resort to their old ways,”reports The Stage.
  • Jemima Khan says she fears for her ex-husband’s life. Speaking about Imran Khan‘s arrest in Pakistan for participating in a rally, she says, “It is the worst possible news – the scale of the charges is a real shock. It is another sign that Musharraf has become one of the most brutal and oppressive dictators that Pakistan has ever seen.”(Mirror)
  • Russell Brand opens up about childhood sexual abuse.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.