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  • Amid “engagement rumors,” Kate Middleton has quit her job with clothing store Jigsaw – a job that Prince William reportedly pushed her into. “It is understood he feared she was beginning to look like a footballer’s wives-style figure, who did nothing all day but shop,” reports The Daily Mail. An unnamed co-worker told the paper: “Kate is a nice enough girl but she was never what you might call committed to the job. She never worked full-time and appeared to take an inordinate amount of time off to go jetting round the world with her boyfriend.” Well, that won’t be a problem anymore…

  • The Daily Mail recaps Victoria Beckham‘s cameo last night on Ugly Betty.
  • According to her MySpace blog, Courtney Love thinks Jordan is pretty and watches Hotel Babylon right here on BBC AMERICA (“best trash tv? hotel babylon on bbc america cos its just trashy like foptballers wioves.”) At least, that’s what I think she’s saying. This woman should just wear a huge sign that says [Sic] across her chest.
  • As the WGA strike rolls on, Hollywood producers are wooing British scribes, but the Writers Guild of Great Britain is warning members not to cross picket lines: “Strike-breaking would at best be a short-term payday but would have a devastating long-term effect on a writer’s U.S. career,” says WGGB general secretary Bernie Corbett. (Guardian)
  • Actor Ray Winstone talks to The Daily Telegraph about his dramatic digital makeover for the CGI-laden Beowulf. Writer John Hiscock comments on the film’s posters, which “depict a tall, slim, handsome Winstone, sword in hand and dressed in warrior garb, looking every inch a sex symbol.” Winstone replies, “Sex symbol? I’ve been one of those for years.”

  • Actor Tom Hardy (Gideon’s Daughter) is writing a sitcom styled after Curb Your Enthusiasm, he tells The Stage.
  • Even though EastEnders is bringing back Sid and Patsy, BBC insists the British soap will not rely on returning characters BBC controller of drama production John Yorke tells The Stage: “That is it for now. It is a balance. There is a good side to bringing back old characters because you create a sense of community which is lovely and people feel it’s a family thing. But if you just live off old characters you get into terrible trouble – you have to move forward.”
  • Former EastEnders actor Shaun Williamson claims he overheard two of the show’s stars having sex in a dressing room, but he won’t reveal names. “When I worked on EastEnders I heard a couple having sex in the next dressing room. I hung around the studio to see who would come out, and let’s just say it was quite shocking. Both were on the show.” Any guesses?(The Sun)
  • From Digital Spy: Was It-girl Kate Nash snubbed for a part on Hollyoaks?
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.