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  • Graham Norton has done an interview with The Observer‘s Barbara Ellen. Graham on his wit: “Occasionally I’ll say something and think: That was quite clever. But not very often. Mostly I’m thinking: I’ve said that before. Or it will be: Oh my god, my brain has completely gone to mush, I must stop drinking.” On his chat show guests: “We’ve had American guests and they’ve said: ‘I really liked doing that. On other shows, there’s a real pressure to tell funny stories.’ And I’m like: Now you tell me – I was only doing all those jokes because you didn’t say anything!”

  • As usual, Brits took home a boatload of International Emmys last night, seven in total. Little Britain Abroad won Best Comedy. Jim Broadbent received Best Actor honors for The Street (in a tie with Dutch actor Pierre Bokma). Stephen Fry‘s The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive received Best Documentary. Housewife, 49‘s Victoria Wood was the only British loser, defeated by Muriel Robin from France. Quel scandale! Here’s the complete list of winners.
  • BAFTA winner Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House) will star in White Girl, a film about a working-class white family who move to a predominately Muslim community.(The Stage)
  • Gregor Fisher and Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd will co-star in the BBC sitcom Empty, billed as a modern day “Steptoe and Son.” (That’s Sanford and Son to you Yanks.) (Chortle)
  • When Billie Piper (Doctor Who) signed on for The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, I bet she didn’t predict she’d been nominated for a porn award.(The Sun)
  • From Tanya Bower: Simon Cowell admits botox use, denies being gay.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Rhydian “threatened to walk out” on X-Factor because of the judges’ “campy” song choices for him. This from a guy who flounces about the stage wearing military drag and a blond pompadour. (The Sun)
  • See Rhydian perform “Go West” with a chorus of men in sailor suits.
  • Jekyll star James Nesbitt lists his ten favorite British movies.(Guardian)
  • JK Rowling talks about a run-in with a Jesus freak who didn’t approve of her Harry Potter novels. “One time, I was face to face with such a person. I was in a toy store with my children and was recognized by a girl who got all excited. The next thing that happened was a man came up to me and said, ‘Aren’t you that Potter woman?’Then he brought his face close to me and said, very aggressively, ‘I pray for you every evening.’ I should have said he’d better pray for himself but I was stunned. It was very frightening.”(Daily Record)
  • Rowling says she channeled the anger from her first divorce into the character of Harry Potter.(Scotsman)
  • Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter calls The Bourne Ultimatum “totally unreal. I was stupefied by it. It was so lacking in intelligence.”
    (Contact Music)
  • Did Heather Mills, who suggests people drink rat’s milk instead of cow’s milk to save the environment, ride away from an eco rally in an SUV?(The Sun)
  • The Daily Telegraph celebrates Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip‘s 60th wedding anniversary.
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By Kevin Wicks
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