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  • Ian Curtis biopic Control won five British Independent Film Awards, including Best Film, Most Promising Newcomer (Sam Riley), Best Director and Best Debut Director (Dutchman Anton Corbijn), and Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Toby Kebbell, who played Joy Division’s manager). (BBC)

  • Ray Winstone‘s daughters, Lois and Jaime, brought a Goth edge to the BIFA red carpet. The Daily Mail has photos. Check out Lois with her quasi-Siouxsie Sioux eye makeup.
  • Also from the BIFA red carpet: Jamie Bell looking very dapper.(Just Jared)
  • The question Woody Allen is asking himself right now: “How can we make Toronto look like Barcelona?”(Guardian)
  • Photo: David Beckham rubs noses with a woman in New Zealand. Jealous much, Victoria?(Just Jared)
  • Victoria Beckham has “banned” David from the Spice Girls‘ first comeback show because she’s “too nervous.”(Daily Mail)
  • The Daily Mail is in a right tizzy over Kate Middleton‘s mysterious diamond ring.
  • Jordan‘s breasts get smaller; Chantelle‘s get bigger.
  • Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Campbell played duck-and-cover with the paparazzi after they were spotted together.(The Sun)
  • The Mirror calls Daniel Craig “a loser” for not wanting to talk about his private life, which, of course, is his right.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.