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Another unsung Britpop band from the ’90s. If Oasis were The Beatles and Blur were The Kinks, Gene would have been The Smiths. Their level of commercial success would bear that out: they never had a top ten hit in the UK. “Olympian” – a ballad that surely inspired Coldplay – was their biggest hit, topping out at No. 18 in 1995.

The band’s Morrisseyesque frontman, the handsome Martin Rossiter, may have been just too purty to take seriously. Look at him in this video, tipping around in his tight red Izod shirt, licking his lips and batting his eyes at the camera. He was sexy and he knew it. (And, boys and girls, he was equal opportunity: according to Wikipedia, he told Sorted magazine, “I’ve never hidden the fact that I’ve slept on both sides of the bed and people find that very odd that I was quite happy to say ‘yeah, I’m bisexual and it doesn’t really matter.”) Oh, it matters to me, my love!

The band split in 2004, and rumors of a solo album from Rossiter have abounded ever since.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.