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For all of her immense talent, Amy Winehouse has become an infamously erratic performer, and her first show on her UK tour was hardly encouraging for things to come. Fans nearly booed the singer off the stage during her set in Birmingham last night, and BBC NEWS reports that “some fans have contacted the venue and tour promoter to ask for refunds.” Ouch. Winehouse was said to have been in tears throughout the gig. At one point in the show, during her performance of “Valerie,” Winehouse “stopped singing, dropped her microphone and walked off the stage.” The normally soft-spoken Winehouse even turned belligerent on the audience. From The Daily Mail:

Following jeers from the crowd, she ranted: “Let me tell you something. First of all, if you’re booing you’re a mug for buying a ticket.

“Second, to all those booing, just wait ’til my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that.”

Amy obviously adheres to that Whitney/Bobby school of performance: when things go wrong and the crowd turns against you, threaten to sic your currently jailed hubby on their asses.

The Sun‘s Pete Samson says Winehouse is just having a particularly rough time dealing with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil‘s imprisonment:

The ‘Rehab’ star only went on stage after being allowed to visit her hubby on remand.

The tearful singer was ushered through the back door of the jail.

A warder then made her run her fingers through her hair and undo her trademark beehive style to prove she was hiding no drugs.

Amy tried to visit her man on Tuesday but was turned away in tears because his mum had already taken his only visiting slot that day.

I can also reveal that Amy has not been taking medication she needs to control terrifying brain seizures.

She has suffered a string of fits in recent months and has been checked over at a private clinic.

Pals say Amy relied on Fielder-Civil when the seizures struck.

Amy also has a defender in The Daily Telegraph‘s Helen Brown, who reviews Amy’s Birmingham show: “She may sing “My odds are stacked” with a desolate crack in her voice and her head in her hands, but her talent hopefully stacks them in her favour for the rest of this tour. After all, if you pay to hear Winehouse live, you pay to hear an artist with real emotional honesty, not a glossy ‘same in every town’ pop act. When it comes to frankness, and unpredictable emotional whack, I doubt Winehouse knows how to disappoint.”

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.