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  • Pete Doherty has admitted his drug relapse, adding that “It was a stupid, stupid action for which I feel only shame.” An EMI spokesperson says that he “is now looking to check himself back into a rehab clinic,” according to BBC NEWS.

  • Pete’s Babyshambles bandmates express their shock at his relapse.(NME)
  • Pray that it’s a coffee stain: as Kate Moss moves out of her mansion, The Sun zooms in on a “big brown mark” on her mattress.
  • Amy Winehouse has scored a U.S. visa in spite of her drug arrest in Norway.(Mirror)
  • Who should be on NME‘s Cool List?
  • Yo Pot, let me introduce you to my good friend, Kettle: Mika won’t let Irish band Boyzone cover one of his songs because their version is “too cheesy.”
    (The Sun)
  • Leona Lewis says she may record the next Bond theme.(Mirror)
  • Leona denies she’s getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, an electrician.(Contact Music)
  • Radiohead averaged $6 an album with their “pay what you want” scheme.(Guardian)
  • EMI is releasing that Radiohead 7-disc box set without the band’s permission, Pitchfork has learned.
  • Singer Róisín Murphy, who nearly put her eye out during a Moscow gig,tells Popjustice that concerts make her clumsy: “I probably will die on stage given the amount of accidents I bloody have there. Although if you print that I’ll never get insurance again! I fell in Australia and broke my arm but didn’t realize I’d broken it until I went off stage, and I fell off a promotional beach ball at a festival in Ireland. It was dark. But I saw blood this time so I thought it was best to leave the stage.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.