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  • Hugh Grant deigned to offer his mentorship to some underprivileged university girls, and how do they repay him? With lies and innuendo in today’s Sun. Caroline Hargreaves, the Norwegian blonde whom Grant is apparently about to kiss in the photograph, told the Sun that Grant picked her and a group of friends up at a St. Andrews bar and brought them to a party. “I thought it’s Hugh Grant, so why not. I love his film Notting Hill. We spent about two hours at the party with him and I was sitting next to him on the couch.” Seriously, if this guy was as good at picking roles as he is at getting himself into dumb situations, he’d have a mantle full of Oscars by now.

  • The Spice Girls are donating all proceeds from their new single to the Children in Need charity.(The Sun)
  • Victoria Beckham dresses up like a zombie, which is a little redundant, donchathink?(Daily Mail)
  • Naomi Campbell dresses up as a naughty nurse for a Louis Vuitton fashion show.(The Sun)
  • Chardonnay Lane (RIP) is alive and kicking on Coronation Street: actress Susie Amy, formerly of Footballers Wive$, has joined the UK soap as Carla Connor, a factory owner.(Digital Spy)
  • Pop singer Jamelia is on her way to becoming a proper Footballers Wife – she’s now engaged to longtime bf and baby-daddy Darren Byfield.(The Sun)
  • England team captain John Terry was questioned by police after he and several of his Chelsea teammates were allegedly involved in a scrap with paparazzi. The Daily Mail reports, “Police answered an allegation of criminal damage and claims that a group of Chelsea players were rude and abusive to diners and staff. A photographer said his moped had been damaged outside the Vingt Quatre restaurant on the Fulham Road in Chelsea at 4:15 am and that footballers had tried to stop him taking pictures.”
  • How are Rugby WAGs different from Footballer WAGs? The Daily Telegraph‘s Alison Kerwin has been following the wives of rugby players for years and observes, “They went to the games, had enormous, almost reckless amounts of fun, then went home to lives that defined them separately from the partners they so willingly supported. It is in this respect that they differ so violently from their footballing equivalents, whose trips to matches, tours, and particularly the World Cup are filled with an unhealthy desperation for publicity of any kind.”
  • The Sun has a photo gallery of Girls Aloud and all their significant others. Does Kimberley Walsh realize her boyfriend has a mullet, and if so, why hasn’t she done something about it?
  • Bradley Whitford will star in a BBC two-part drama, titled Burn Up, a thriller about big oil and global warming. Neve Campbell and Rupert Penry-Jones are already confirmed for the cast.(Guardian)
  • Two of my most loyal readers, Tanya Bower and Ed Rozanski, know me all too well. When deciding what to post, I have two hard-and-fast rules: a male nipple is just too enticing to pass up, especially when it’s being licked by the third-in-line to the throne, high on snorted vodka; and oil and ripped manflesh definitely do mix, as The Guardian’s Mark Kermode explains in his article on cinema’s “nude male wrestling” tradition. He mentions the Alan Bates/Oliver Reed scene in Ken Russell‘s Women in Love, which you can view here, but I don’t think it’s something you want to be watching when your HR person walks by. Just a hunch.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.