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  • Gordon Ramsay enjoys France’s cuisine but apparently not their women. On Jay Leno‘s chat show, Ramsay is quoted as saying, “I had a French girlfriend. It was like going to bed with a rottweiler on your chest…And their breath smells as well.” (Daily Mail)

  • Anne Enright scooped this year’s Booker Prize for her novel The Gathering in a stunning upset.(Guardian)
  • Watch exclusive, previously unseen sketches from Peep Show duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb atThe Times.
  • The Guardian‘s James Donaghy uncovers some obscure but memorable moments from British television.
  • After J.K. Rowling flashes her brassieres to the world, The Daily Mail lists the “greatest ever wardrobe malfunctions” from celebs. That Terry Wogan is packin’ some major heat, isn’t he?
  • Former Hollyoaks babe Gemma Atkinson on dating Lothario footballer Cristiano Ronaldo: “I did go out with Cristiano, but it all ended when he was caught shagging prostitutes.”(The Sun)
  • Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss strike a friendly pose at the star-studded launch party for Kate’s new clothing range.The Sun has the hot shots.
  • More photos of the bash from The Daily Mail. Reader Catherine notes, “Does young Beatrice EVER close her mouth?”
  • The Daily Mail catches Princess Beatrice wearing the same dress twice in four days.
  • “Filthy b***h” Jordan and Peter Andre engage in some mutual maskurbation.(The Sun)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Clare Gyde has discovered what most of us have known for centuries: working class heroes lay the pipe better than “uptight posh boys.” Unfortunately, you always have to check for your wallet in the morning…
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.