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  • Amidst reports that Heather Mills is demanding a $100 million settlement, The Evening Standard columnist Nirpal Dhaliwal feels Paul McCartney‘s pain, having undergone a painful divorce himself earlier this year. That’s why he advises Paul to just give Heather what she’s asking for and get it over with: “Divorce is a bitter, frantic, lonely, and exhausting experience. Macca should pay Heather Mills what she wants just to end the torment. That woman has the tenacity of a pit bull: who else could achieve as much fame and fortune with no talent, average looks, and one leg? She makes Madonna look like a flake. Sir Paul might be richer than God, but aged 65, the soppiest member of the soppiest band in history doesn’t have what it takes to beat this diva.”

  • Heather Mills could face serious surgery to repair a metal plate in her pelvis. (Mirror)
  • Why does Pete Doherty slip through the criminal justice system with such ease? He has groupies on the bench.(The Sun)
  • The Spice Girls “have already signed a deal to perform at the annual televised catwalk show for racy lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.As part of the deal, the group’s ‘Greatest Hits’ album will be only be available in the U.S. through the lingerie chain for the first two months of its release. “(Daily Mail)
  • Leona Lewis praises her Svengali, Mr. Simon Cowell in today’s Telegraph: “I was amazed Simon Cowell gave me so much time. He is such a big, important man – at my first audition on The X Factor, I was terrified by him. But when he started suggesting songs that I loved, I saw that he really got me.”
  • Take That‘s “Rule the World” and Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” will fight for next week’s No. 1 spot.(The Sun)
  • Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke reveals to NME the toll racism has taken on his family: “A few years ago my cousin was killed in a racist attack and a lot of the anxieties I had as a young person really compounded recently.”
  • That’s Professor Johnny Marr to you. The former Smiths guitarist has been named Professor of Music at the University of Salford. He’ll provide lectures on performance and composition. (Guardian)
  • Girls Aloud party hardy in London. Notice how Kimberley Walsh is slowly but surely morphing into Mariah Carey without the hips.(Daily Mail)
  • Girls Aloud’s new video via Popjustice.
  • Amy Winehouse pigs out on potato chips and Mickey D’s while on tour.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Following in Johnny Cash‘s footsteps, Ian Brown will play a series of prison gigs.(Gigwise)
  • Radiohead‘s In Rainbows still has had more illegal downloads than legal ones, in spite of the band’s “pay what you want” scheme.(Gigwise)
  • UK band Editors aren’t too impressed with Radiohead’s scheme, with bassist Russell Leech saying, “I think if Radiohead wanted to be really clever then they should let people listen to it first then decide what to pay.”(Gigwise)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.