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  • Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders explains to The Winston-Salem Journal why his band isn’t big here in America. One reason: “In England, somebody hears about a band and the next day everyone’s talking about them, whereas here it takes a lot longer. It depends on what you’re willing to do, I think. Unless you’re willing to put your song on an advert and do all that…it’s a lot harder to reach a lot of people in America than it is in England.” Also, the word “payola” is mentioned.

  • So how did the members of The Verve resolve their issues and reform? Guitarist Nick McCabe tells NME, “We had quite a lot of time being angry. Then, once you’ve sort of resolved a lot of things in your own mind, you kind of realize that it wasn’t such a big deal in the first place.”
  • It’s about ten years too late, but Liam Gallagher declares Blur vs. Oasis over. He tells Mojo: “I don’t mind Blur. I’m over it. It was a laugh man, that’s what you do when you’re young.” (Musicrooms)
  • The Cambridge Evening News interviews Maximo Park keyboardist Lukas Wooller, who says recruiting lead singer Paul Smith was a turning point for the band: “Before Paul joined the band we went though a bit of a crisis…When we got together with Paul something really clicked and that set us off in a new direction.”
  • Listen to The Killers “butcher” Joy Division‘s “Shadowplay” for the Control soundtrack. Found via Stereogum.
  • The Guardian‘s Jason Solomons interviews Sam Riley and Samantha Morton, the stars of the Ian Curtis biopic, Control. And as for all that “Samantha Morton is grumpy” b.s., Solomons says, “I’d been told Samantha was in a bad mood and that I should be scared, but although we only had a short time, I found her very chirpy and looking happy in her heavily pregnant state. She really doesn’t care about all that skinny Hollywood stuff anymore, which is refreshing.”
  • No Rock And Roll Fun calls out the news media relying on Wikipedia to research their Ronnie Hazlehurst obituaries, which falsely reported that the recently deceased theme song composer wrote S Club 7‘s “Reach.” “Did nobody stop to think just how unlikely it sounded that Hazlehurst would have contributed a song to S Club 7 – and just the one, mind?” asks Simon. “Even if it had been true, surely that strange combination of writer and act would have piqued the curiosity enough for a writer to want to dig just a little bit deeper as to the circumstances that brought such a thing into being?”
  • In today’s “Uh, ya think?” news: “Singer Charlotte Church has been warned against sleeping beside her newborn tot – because she is at risk of killing her baby.”(Contact Music)
  • Will Amy Winehouse cancel more concert dates to stand by her man while he faces court?(The Sun)
  • Look, Amy Winehouse is gaining weight!(Mirror)
  • Lily Allen parties hardy alongside one-time rival Kate Moss.(The Sun)
  • Lily Allen to photographers: I ain’t Britney, bitch!(MTV)
  • The Spice Girls have added dates in London, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas after initial gigs in each city sold out.(BBC)
  • A catfight between The Spice Girls and Irish boy band Westlife has been narrowly avoided. As The Mirror reports, “It all kicked off yesterday when Westlife announced that their new CD Back Home would go up against the Girls’ greatest hits collection on November 5. It could potentially spell a second humiliation for the girls, whose 2000 album Forever was outsold by Westlife’s by 234,000 copies to just 73,000.” The new date for the Spice Girls album is November 12.
  • VH1 is putting together a Spice Girls tribute band for a new reality show. Of course, the program’s titled – wait for it – Wannabe.(Digital Spy)
  • Mel C. (a.k.a. Sporty Spice) and Sugababes have recorded tracks in tribute to producer Tim Royes, who was killed in a car accident here in New York two months ago.(Contact Music)
  • Pics of Girls Aloud shooting their next video, “Call the Shots.”(The Sun)
  • Heather Mills says she isn’t looking to invade Paul McCartney‘s nabe, contrary to reports.(Contact Music)
  • Why Penny Lancaster is randy for Rod‘s rod: she wants baby No. 2 from her rock star hubby. It would be No. 8 for him.(The Sun)
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