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  • Rod Stewart‘s son Sean will face trial for an alleged attack on a couple in L.A. More from The Daily Mail: “Ericka Stein testified at Stewart’s hearing this week that she got a bruise on her chest from a brick that was thrown at her. Her husband said it took hours to remove broken glass from her back.”

  • The real-life Belle du Jour reveals the sex tips she gave Billie Piper.(Daily Mail)
  • Jade Goody admits she used diet pills to lose weight.(The Sun)
  • Both ends burning: Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans party ’til the early morn’. (The Sun)
  • Jordan‘s book Crystal has sold more copies than the entire Booker shortlist, reports The Daily Telegraph. “A study provided by Nielsen BookScan shows UK sales of all hardback and paperback editions of Crystal reaching 159,407 copies. Despite a deluge of publicity about the shortlist, the six Booker hopefuls can muster only 120,770 copies between them.”
  • Arrested Development‘s Jason Bateman has signed on to the State of Play remake, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Bateman will play “one of the key reporters chasing the story.”(Variety)
  • Emily Blunt doesn’t want to be a typecast “British” actress, she tells The Times. “When you’ve done a lot of period pieces and you’re British, you can get seriously pigeonholed. ‘English rose’ is a character description I see a lot, and it makes me cringe. I’m far more drawn to playing off-the-wall people. I’m fascinated by people, and all you have to do is scratch the surface, and you get to off-the-wall. I’m not talking about ‘mysterious’ – not even ‘complex’ – just real.”
  • Kenneth Branagh has returned to the director’s chair with Sleuth and says that the poor critical reception of his films forced his lengthy break. “I was a bit fed up with the reaction, to be absolutely honest,” he explains to The Times. “I thought it was excessive and a little unjust. I suppose I thought, ‘Look, come on, I’m making a film in a career that might contain a number of films. What am I, bloody Superman? There have been a number of them that maybe you’ll think are absolutely crap, and that’s as far as it goes, isn’t it? But I don’t believe that I murdered any children, and I wouldn’t try to imply that the right to do any more of these should be taken away from other people.’ It wasn’t like one didn’t expect it. But I was slightly wearied by it. I thought, ‘I’ll get my energy back.'”
  • 64-year-old Cilla Black steps out with her 41-year-old “toy boy.”(Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
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