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  • Not only is Dame Elizabeth Taylor still alive, she has a new love: businessman Jason Winters.The Daily Mail wonders if he will be hubby No. 9.

  • Billie Piper‘s controversial movie, The Secret Diary of a Call-Girl, was a ratings success for ITV2 in Britain, garnering 1.8 million viewers, reports BBC News. Critics weren’t as kind: The Guardian‘s Sam Wollaston calls the movie “rubbish.”
  • The Wednesday premiere of Michelle Ryan‘s Bionic Woman was a big hit for NBC with 13.8 million viewers.(BBC)
  • Victoria Beckham has arrived in London to be with husband David and his ailing father Ted.(The Sun)
  • Could salary cuts for big-name stars like Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton mean a mass exodus from the BBC?(The Sun)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Charles Spencer says the current West End production of Macbeth – starring Patrick Stewart as the Dane – is the best he’s ever seen. “So charismatic is Stewart as an actor, that he can make the simple act of preparing a ham sandwich one of the scariest things you’ve ever seen. But his Macbeth is much more than some psycho killer from a B movie.”
  • Steve Coogan, whom Courtney Love accused of being a bad influence on Owen Wilson, was snapped leaving Wilson’s home.(Daily Mail)
  • The premiere of Jennifer Saunders‘ daytime talk show satire, The Vivienne Vyle Show, couldn’t have better timing, coming the week after a judge harshly criticized Britain’s Jeremy Kyle Show. Saunders’ sitcom was an innovative collaboration with clinical psychologist and TV star, Dr. Tanya Byron. The TimesCarol Midgeley says, “Saunders is masterly in the lead role of Vivienne, a horror who tells her wretchedly damaged guests: ‘You disgust me and most of my audience’, before flouncing off to dinner at the Ivy while they are left, humiliated, to pick up the pieces of their lives. It was Byron’s idea to play the character relatively straight, and consequently the comedy is darker than much of what we have seen Saunders in before.”
  • An excerpt from Nigel Slater‘s book, Eating For England.(Guardian)
  • The State Within‘s Jason Isaacs tells Variety what book he’s reading, the last CD he’s bought, and the song he’s currently playing. It’s “Ruby” by the Kaiser Chiefs because that’s his daughter’s name. Yes, Ruby is in. Can’t wait for Florence, Edith, Mabel, Eunice, and Millicent to come back in style, too.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.