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  • Courtney Love blames Steve Coogan‘s hard-partying influence for Owen Wilson‘s suicide attempt. “I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.” Meanwhile, Coogan is talking to his lawyers. (Daily Mail)

  • Amy Winehouse‘s parents and in-laws are at war in the press. The Sun, The Mirror, and even The Times are covering the story. Meanwhile, Ames and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil are reported to be vacationing in St. Lucia.
  • Here’s a voice we haven’t heard in all this mess: Alex Winehouse, Amy’s older brother, says his sister is “fine.”
    (Digital Spy)
  • Another rarity: Girls Aloud saying something nice about someone. Cheryl Cole stood up for Amy against her father-in-law’s call for a fan boycott: “I don’t think it will help not giving Amy any awards, and not buying her records. It’s an amazing album from a very talented singer, and I think she still needs to be recognised for her work.”(Digital Spy)
  • Amy Winehouse may have replaced Joss Stone as the British R&B diva du jour, but at least Joss has her wits about her, says the LA Times in their review of Stone’s recent show at the Greek Theatre. “As a performer, Stone has matured tremendously since she began playing shows a few years ago; no longer does she seem like an awkward teenager onstage. But she does come off as a young woman, one in the throes of the sexual discovery that pop was invented to soundtrack. Compared with Winehouse’s old-soul tribulations, that might be a circumstance worth celebrating.”
  • Amy should feel glad someone else is behaving badly in the press: after Lily Allen was doused with a pint of Guinness in front of hundreds of cheering fans, her ordeal wasn’t over. Allen allegedly made a boozy tumble outside The Cow pub. The Sun reports that she didn’t bother to get up – she simply lay “comatose” on the pavement. And The Daily Mail points out a curious-looking “cigarette” in Lil’s hand in a photo taken at the Notting Hill Carnival.
  • Watch out ladies: a newly single Paul McCartney‘s on the prowl, but only blonde supermodels and actresses need apply.(The Sun)
  • The Guardian‘s Trevor Baker says rock music needs another John Lennon.
  • Mick Jagger‘s son James Jagger will be the first actor to smoke legally on-stage in London since the smoking ban.(Gigwise)
  • A Killers remake of Joy Division‘s “Shadowplay” will be featured on the soundtrack for the new Ian Curtis biopic.(Digital Spy)
  • It’s looking likely that there will be a My Bloody Valentine reunion, which will give Alan McGee ample opportunity to talk a lot of sh*t. Whoops, he already is, according to Drowned in Sound.
  • Pics of Jack Osbourne sporting some major facial hair.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.