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  • Madonna‘s adoption could be in jeopardy after the Malawian government removed the official handling her case. That official, Penstone Kilembe, is accused of accepting plane tickets to London and money from Madonna.
    (The Sun)

  • TMZ heralds the announcement of a Kate Moss fragrance. “What might this toilet water smell like? Maybe it’s eau de crappy boyfriend? The sweet smell of a three-day bender? Will it contain fragrant notes of dysfunctional rocker? Or will it have the pleasant nose of a cocaine scandal?”
  • Jordan provides more unsolicited insight on her husband’s anatomy: “It is the size of the Sky+ remote, the one with the grey bits on, that’s bigger than a normal remote.”(The Sun)
  • As if Rupert Everett hadn’t sufficiently offended enough pensioners with his “fingering your girlfriend” quote (watch it here), he’s now gone on to say that all religion is “madness.” Keep ’em coming, Rupe.(The Sun)
  • Talk about overkill: Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay‘s rival chef, compares the Kitchen Nightmares host to “Ted Bundy, the serial killer.”
    The Sun)
  • Eddie Murphy admits, “Yes, I’m the pappy!” (E!)
  • Eddie’s babymama Mel B. and her new lover Stephen Belafonte enjoy some time in the pool at a Miami hotel.(Daily Mail)
  • Does 17-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson have a new boyfriend? The Daily Mail‘s linking her to rugby player Tom Ducker.
  • Emma Thompson‘s mother, actress Phyllida Law, has issued a hex upon the yobs who stole her garden statues. So if you’re wondering why Emma seems so batty, there ya go. (Daily Mail)
  • Actress Thandie Newton recalls battling bulimia. “I’ve still got the scars on my knuckles from where I put my fingers down my throat.”(The Sun)
  • Sisters Sienna and Savannah Miller have a sit-down with The Times.
  • British director Paul Greengrass – whose Bourne Ultimatum was No. 1 at this weekend’s box office – talks to The Guardian.
  • Director Joe Wright and screenwriter Christopher Hampton discuss the process of adapting Ian McEwan‘s Atonement.(The Times)
  • EastEnders may move to a different studio after 22 years.(The Sun)
  • Former EastEnders actor Jimi Mistry will play a music teacher in the new BBC drama, The Cut, from the makers Life On Mars.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.