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  • Hugh Laurie was almost named the host of this year’s Primetime Emmy telecast, reports Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil. The job ultimately went to Ryan Seacrest. “In the end, Fox decided to go with its Idol star over its House star because exex felt Seacrest would draw a larger TV audience and because viewers might be confused seeing Laurie in an unfamiliar role.” Such a bad call. The guy’s the quickest wit in television.

  • Sienna Miller flipped out on paparazzi who showed up to the opening of her new Notting Hill clothing store. “F*** off, you f***ing ****s. See you in court, you f***ing rapists.” Watch the video.(The Sun)
  • Defamer celebrates Victoria Beckham‘s role on Ugly Betty with some good-natured ribbing. “Finally, after years of hard tanning, Posh’s great American Dream has been realized. We applaud the producers for their generosity of spirit and wise stunt-casting: Not only might it give us the chance to watch Mrs. Beckham struggle to twist her face into a second expression, but propping Posh’s toothpick frame up next to Betty is perfect for perpetuating the absurd premise that America Ferrera is even remotely plump.”
  • OK, so producer Mark Ronson is all pissed off that Amy Winehouseskipped the shoot for the “Valerie” video to go sunbathing in St. Lucia. Oh shut it, Mark Ronson. Amy Winehouse’s remake of The Zutons hit is the only listenable thing on your piece-of-sh** album anyway, owing more to Amy’s immense talent than your journeyman production. If you never work with Amy again, it will be to her advantage.(Mirror)
  • The Guardian‘s John Harris slams Giles Fielder-Civil‘s call for a boycott of Amy Winehouse’s music: “If you think success screws these people up, wait to see what they make of failure. Think about it this way: if Winehouse’s career suddenly stalled, would she foreswear narcotic amusement and self-harm? No, no, no: she and her fella would surely be continuing their apparent descent, only in cheaper hotels.”
  • The scriptwriter behind the Ian Curtis biopic is now preparing to take on John Lennon‘s life. Matt Greenhalgh tells The Manchester Evening News: “The film is called Lennon and details John’s adolescent years, pre- Beatlemania. It came to me off the back of Control – the producers of Lennon saw Control and then asked me if I’d consider doing their script for them. It wasn’t a particularly hard decision for me to say yes.”
  • The members of New Order, taking a moment away from threatening each other with lawsuits, remember their fallen comrade, Ian Curtis.(Guardian)
  • Sources in the documentary Marc Bolan: 20th Century Boy claim that the T. Rex frontman “lost his virginity at age 9” and “had gay sex” with his manager, Simon Napier-Bell. Napier-Bell admits it: “That is what people did in the ’60s. It wasn’t an affair – just a good ’60s shag.”(NME)
  • Supergrass bassist Mick Quinn broke his back after he “sleepwalked out of a first floor window of the villa he was staying at in the South of France.” He broke two vertebrae and had to undergo surgery. The band has cancelled a gig due to Quinn’s injury.(NME)
  • PJ Harvey and Bat For Lashes are both readying North American tours, reports Pitchfork.
  • Popjustice finds Shayne Ward‘s banned video for “No U Hang Up” rather tame: “No more than a little bit of dry humping. Personally, we liked Shayne Ward videos with swimming pools in them when they were in colour, and when the newspapers were being fed stories about Shayne going around drowning dwarves, but if this is what Shayne’s comeback needs then who are we to grumble?” Clearly, the video’s NSFW, unless dry humping is part of your job description.
  • Jude Law admits his remake of the Michael Caine classic Alfie wasn’t so great. Speaking to The Guardian, he says, “When I was approached originally to work on the new version of Alfie it seemed like a brilliant idea because the original was so successful. But from my point of view it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to. Still, part of the reason you embark on a creative journey is to sometimes fall flat. It can also sometimes lead to triumph.” Law is currently stepping in Caine’s shoes again with a remake of Sleuth. Caine is playing the Laurence Olivier role.
  • Friends star David Schwimmer explains to Telegraph how he nabbed a job directing a British comedy. “Three years ago, when Friends came to an end, I was looking for something to direct. I read Run, Fat Boy, Run, signed on, and it got optioned by a British company who wanted to change the setting from New York to London. I was a bit apprehensive, until they suggested Simon Pegg. We’d just done Big Nothing, so I asked him to play the lead and to do a rewrite. Now we have what I think is a really funny movie.”
  • Harry Potter star Emma Watson plays another British schoolgirl in BBC’s adaptation of the novel Ballet Shoes. The Daily Mail has photos.
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