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  • You may have heard that a restaurant owner is suing Gordon Ramsay over a poor portrayal on the American version of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Martin Hyde, a Manhattan restaurant manager, accuses Ramsay and his production team of hiring actors, faking stunts, and planting spoiled meat in his kitchen during filming of an upcoming episode. Gordon had remained tight-lipped for some time over this case, but he really lets ‘er rip in an interview with TV Week magazine. “I would never-ever-ever dream of setting anything up. I want to sleep at night. We were issued a writ because, God bless America, if the toilet paper is not thick enough and you come out with a rash on your ass [you’ll get sued].”

  • The Beckhams and the Ramsays teamed up for a surfing holiday. You can see photos atThe Daily Mail.
  • Writer Mark Simpson declares The Sun newspaper “Gay but confused.”
  • British chef Nigella Lawson says Martha Stewart fancies her husband, art collector Charles Saatchi.(Mirror)
  • Jude Law plans a not-so-secret rendezvous with a “stunning German underwear model.” Between that and his “Hawaiian getaway” with Cameron Diaz, dude is racking up some major frequent flyer miles.(Daily Mail)
  • Clearly taking the piss out of critics who razzed him for on-stage smoking, Keith Richards ate a cigarette during The Rolling Stones‘ “last ever show.” (NME)
  • Naomi Campbell admits to doing her share of drugs, but she says she’s never “shot up.”(Metro)
  • Robert Downey Jr. has signed on to the Joe Wright-directed film, The Soloist, which stars Jamie Foxx as a homeless, mentally ill violinist.(Guardian)
  • Keira Knightley explains how her Atonement character differs from the character in the book. “I eventually read it a week before we started filming. My character, Cecilia, is slightly different in the book. There is a maternal softness to her which I certainly didn’t play.”(BBC)
  • Holy crap: Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter, Cracker) was mobbed by some unlikely autograph seekers: a gang of Tibetan monks.(Starpulse)
  • Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and Brass Eye creator Chris Morris are teaming up for a top-secret project. No word on whether Mitchell and Webb are attached.(Guardian)
  • NBC is developing two projects from British writers: Mafia Wives, from Prime Suspect writer Lynda LaPlante, and an untitled comedy from former Guardian columnist Jane Bussman about a “has-been hairdresser trying to raise his kids.”(Variety)
  • Yet another story about the British Invasion of American TV this fall, this time from The Cleveland Plain Dealer. They interview actors Kevin McKidd (Journeyman) and Damian Lewis (Life), who says, “I think it’s a nonstory. It’s the center of the global film industry out here, not just the American one. And I’m afraid you’ve had foreigners infiltrating ever since it started 100 years ago. It’s where you come and do very good work. It’s where talented people come, and it’s where they’re rewarded well for what they do.”
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland has become a celebrity hotspot, with the likes of Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Tom Hanks, and Susan Sarandon being seen out-and-about.
  • Kim Cattrall would love a role on The Catherine Tate Show.(Contact Music)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.