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  • Eddie Murphy plans to sue Melanie Brown for”defamation” and “extortion.” His lawyer fired off a harshly-worded letter to Mel B., stating, “Youhave been engaging in a pattern of disseminating disparaging, negative and defamatory statements aboutMr. Murphy, portraying him in a false and outrageous light in order to pressure Mr Murphy tocapitulate to your highly unreasonable extortionate demands.” I have a feeling we’re all gonna need Silkwood showers before this is over with. (TheSun)

  • Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys(Brothers and Sisters) are “officially an item,” says The Sun‘s Victoria Newton. Why Matthew wouldwant that sort of hassle, I don’t know. Welcome tothe world of tabloid journalism, mate. Hope you enjoyslimeballs tapping your cellphone, harassing your mum,and digging through your rubbish containers. Investin a heavy-duty shredder.
  • Pete Doherty wants to appear on The Weakest Link to “prove to people there is more to me than justdrugs.” Wouldn’t getting off the smack solve that issue? (Gigwise)
  • BBC One has acquired FX’s series Damages -its first U.S. acquisition since The X-Files. (BBC)
  • Morrissey fave Sandie Shaw hasgotten her “ugly” feet fixed. (BBC)
  • The Guardian‘s Jim Shelleyslags off celeb chef Jamie Oliver, calling him “more irritating than ever.”He goes on: “I’ve always hated the way Jamie Oliver plays up (or down) to the idea that he’sthick. He boasted to Michael Parkinson that he’d never read a book, forexample. He seems happy to behave not so much like a performing monkey, as a kind of performing Cockney, enthusing about food as if he’d just discovered the potato.” Hey, guys, we’ll tradeyou Rachael Ray for Jamie anyday.
  • OK, I guess it’s “official”: AmyWinehouse‘s in rehab, but is she in the UK or in America?(NME)
  • This islow: Amy Winehouse’s mother-in-law, Georgette Civil-Fielder, hasblabbed to the tabloids that Amy admitted she was “addicted to heroin.” Oh, and cocaine, too.She talks to The Mirror about herson and daughter-in-law’s substance abuse: “We can’t force them to give up drugs, ithas to come from them, but we can encourage them to get help. I know my son’s had a drug problem ever since he was 20 and moved down to London. I needed to know about Amy’s problems and we had a chat – just the two of us – on the balcony. She told meshe was addicted to heroin and cocaine. She admitted ‘It’s silly, but you just getcarried away’.”
  • Kanye West, who has an opinion oneverything these days, agrees that Amy should say “Yes, yes, yes!” to rehab. (Mirror)
  • Jamelia, who seems to exist only in thepages of The Mirror these days, has split from longtime boyfriend and baby-daddy Darren Byfield.(Mirror)
  • Paul McCartney wants to rename the LondonEye (that huge ferris wheel on the Thames) the “McCartney Eye” as a publicity stunt. Asource tells The Mirror: “The whole idea cametogether after a series of meetings in Macca HQ. The artwork for the DVD cover is a stylizedclose-up of Sir Paul’s eye – and that got the team thinking. It occurred to them that theother most famous eye in the world was, of course, the London Eye and they immediately triedto work together.”
  • Model Jordan has been spotted out-and-aboutwithouther wedding ring.
    (The Sun)
  • The British Invasion of Broadway may be stifled bynewvisa requirements for UK actors, reports The Stage.Conversely, London may see “an influx of American performers, as it becomes easier for overseastalent to gain entry into Britain.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.