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  • During last night’s Galaxy game, unlucky David Beckham, who’s just getting over an ankle sprain, suffered a knee injury that could sideline him for six weeks and, worse yet, end his England career. (Euro qualifiers are coming soon.) According to The Mirror, Beckham said: “At the moment, we’re calling it a ligament strain, but on Friday morning I’m going for a scan to see exactly what it is and how long I’m going to be out. But at the moment, it doesn’t feel great.” Also: To add insult to injury, he got kicked in his Goldenballs.Just Jared has those painful-looking photos.

  • Jamie Oliver is the “David Beckham” of cooking, claims Telegraph‘s Xanthe Clay. “[H]e has much in common with David Beckham, but whereas Beckham is fumbling and inarticulate off the pitch, Oliver is a communicator who’s prepared to fight for what he believes in, including the disadvantaged. He’s the antidote to another contemporary, musician and hellraiser Pete Doherty. By contrast, Oliver, universally liked and admired by his peers, is proof that hard work and clean living can reap rewards.”
  • Mel B. has joined the cast of this season’s Dancing With the Stars. Interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mel was unable to name her fellow competitors – the exception being fellow Brit Jane Seymour. Really, neither can most Americans. The show isn’t exactly awash in A-list talent.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Naomi Campbell wears a fake wedding ring to thwart unwanted suitors. I find that a Motorola Razr to the eye is much more effective and entertaining.(Mirror)
  • Is Prince dating Camilla Al Fayed, daughter of the Harrod’s mogul?(Mirror)
  • That other Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has reportedly been run out of the country by rabid Diana fans ahead of the late princess’ memorial.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty has gone from squeaky clean to scandalicious.(Daily Mail)
  • Shameless: James McAvoy and his wife Annie Marie Duff smooch before the cameras at the Venice Film Festival.(Just Jared)
  • Also from Venice: The Daily Mail has photos of the new Sleuth (Jude Law), the old Sleuth (Michael Caine), and their director, Kenneth Branagh. Just Jared has more of photos of Jude at the festival.
  • Photos of James Jagger in his London stage debut. He’s smokin’, in every sense of the word.(Daily Mail)
  • Sony Pictures TV has gotten in bed with Life On Mars producer Tony Jordan for “one-year, first-look” deal on all his new series.
    (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Cinematical is giddy over the DVD release of Life of Brian: The Immaculate Edition.
  • An interesting discussion over at The Guardian: why is wanting to be famous a bad thing?
  • Why employ medics on a film set when you have Madonna administering B12 shots into people’s asses? On the set of Guy Ritchie‘s new feature, actor Tom Hardy says he witnessed Madge giving Gerard Butler a vitamin injection into his bum. “There she was in the back of her Range Rover administering a shot of B12 into the arse of Gerard Butler. Believe me. I was completely stunned. I knew it would be magnificent to meet her but the last thing I expected to see was her giving Gerard a shot in the arse because he wasn’t very well. She was so cool. She just said to Gerard, ‘There you go – bosh! That does it.” (I admit…that makes me slightly jealous. If you saw that love scene in 300, you know why.) (Contact Music)
  • UK soap fans are outraged that a bisexual love quadrangle (love square?) has takenover the quaint village of Emmerdale. AfterElton is tracking the controversial story. FYI: Christopher Villiers, who plays Grayson, the wealthy,married bisexual philanderer, used to play Croker on BBC AMERICA’s Mile High. He’s quite the humpydaddy.
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