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If there was any doubt that Courtney Love actually said those things about Steve Coogan, it’s been obliterated today: The Sun took a camera crew to L.A. and cornered Love in front of her house, forcing the former Hole singer to spill her guts about her quote linking Coogan to Owen Wilson‘s troubles. And spill she did. You can watch the video over at The Sun’s site. Some choice quotes:

“Hopefully the guy will leave us alone in this town and go back to Brighton or wherever the hell he’s from…and stay there.”

“There’s nothing illegal or wrong with saying that someone’s a bad influence.”

“I could get into some very specific detail that I’m not going to.” …

“I’m not the only person saying this either. I think next week you’ll see a lot more quotes.”

So apparently Mr. Coogan is the scourge of Tinseltown. I mean, it’s not like L.A. of all places has a long-established drug trade or anything like that, you know? What, is Courtney gonna blame Steve for Chris Farley‘s death next?

In other news:

  • Nope, Amy Winehouse won’t be doing the MTV WMA’s, which means neither of Britain’s top pop princesses will be present. Lily Allen, of course, will miss the awards due to her immigration issues.(BBC)

  • The Guardian talks to medical professionals about Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil‘s drug addictions and whether there’s any hope for them. However, one expert notes that the couple’s holiday of choice probably wasn’t the smartest move: “St. Lucia is awash with crack cocaine,” he says.
  • Amy text-messaged her dad Mitch from St. Lucia, saying “I’m right as rain.”(Mirror)
  • Mitch says he prays for Amy at his father’s gravesite.(The Sun)
  • Will Amy Winehouse’s Brit award preclude her from the Mercury Prize? The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick explains: “However, I don’t think Amy will get the award, partly because of her endorsement by the Brits, whose unabashed populism stands in opposition to the Mercury’s more rarefied emphasis on artistic achievement.” Who are the frontrunners then? Jamie T and Bat For Lashes, says McCormick.
  • David Bowie says The Sun’s report that he’s joining Doctor Who is “absolute tish and tosh.” Yeah, I’d never get away with using those words under any circumstances.(BBC)
  • Keith Richards is all wound up over two savage reviews from Swedish newspapers. Who knew the Scandinavians could get under Keef’s skin?(Guardian)
  • Will My Bloody Valentine reform for Coachella 2008?(NME)
  • Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor have signed on to play at a London concert for Nelson Mandela‘s 90th birthday.(NME)
  • Telegraph looks back at the life of Marc Bolan as we approach the 30th anniversary of his death.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.