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  • Wonder why Charlotte Church‘s been unusually gabby lately? Well, it’s because she has a book to promote. The 21-year-old mother-to-be’s autobiography (!), Keep Smiling, will be in UK stores September 6th. According to The Daily Mail, Charl opens up about a lot of tough topics, including the time when she discovered her mother trying to commit suicide. “I was overwhelmed with anger and gave it to her straight. ‘Did you want to kill yourself – was that it? Did you want to leave me and your family?” she says.

  • It appears Charlotte’s mother, Maria, had overdosed after learning about her husband’s affair with a “blonde chef.” Charlotte tells OK! magazine that if she saw the woman her dad cheated with, she’d “poke her eyes out because she was the cause of so much pain to my mother.” (The Sun)
  • Charlotte Church says she and fiancée Gavin Henson are “happy as pigs in sh*t” (an unfortunate simile for reasons I’m far too polite to point out). Church rubbishes claims that Henson cheated on her.(The Sun)
  • Amy Winehouse has cancelled all her autumn U.S. and Canadian tour dates to “address her health.” They will be re-scheduled for 2008, according to her spokesperson.(BBC)
  • Kate Nash comes to Amy’s defense: “There’s so much pressure in this industry to drink every day. I just hope she’s all right.”(Mirror)
  • KT Tunstall says she “started drinking heavily” to cope with success. “Being famous really messes with your head. For the first year, I think I was in denial and didn’t think I was famous or that anyone recognized me in the street, even when people were looking at me funny.” But, unlike those “other girls,” she doesn’t have a drinking problem.(Daily Record)

  • Blur drummer Dave Rowntree owns up to his own cocaine addiction while the band was at its peak: “I didn’t start using regularly until the 90s, but as my tolerance increased, I used more. I managed to get help before they destroyed my life, and these days I’m active in the recovery community.” (NME)
  • Blur bassist Alex James is addicted to cheese. The first two episodes of his “Cheese Diaries” are available online at The Guardian. I think he should have his own BBC AMERICA show, don’t you?
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.