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So much for her daddy’s chiding…

Reports surfaced yesterday that Amy Winehouse had been admitted to a hospital citing that old canard, “exhaustion.” Today, more info has come to light: NME is reporting that Winehouse had to have her stomach pumped and an adrenaline shot after a suspected drug overdose. Subsequently, Winehouse cancelled several European concerts. Things are certainly not looking good for her, but The Daily Mail‘s sources say that rehab may be an option for the singer:

Despite growing concern at her wild partying, the star had always said she would not seek professional help.

But a friend revealed she’s “very close” to changing her mind, adding: “Amy got a massive fright when she was hospitalized and is finally coming round to everybody’s pleadings with her to go to rehab.

“She now realizes she may need help as her lifestyle finally take its toll. She’s currently discussing the best plan of action with close friends and family.”

Here’s to Ms. Winehouse getting the help she so obviously needs.

In other news:

  • The Independent looks forward to the Amy vs. Lily battle at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

  • Lily Allen fans or Muslim extremists…which group is more dangerous to ournational security?(NME)
  • Ed Rozanski sends me the controversial cover of Radar magazine, featuring a photoshopped Prince Harry lounging on a throne in his boxer shorts with a beer in his hand. Hot.
  • A homeless British man living in New Zealand has denied he is Lord Lucan, an aristocrat who vanished in 1974 after the murder of his children’s nanny. The BBC reports that “neighbours became convinced homeless Roger Woodgate was the vanished peer because of his ‘upper-class’ English accent and ‘military bearing’.”
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick interviews Hard-Fi lead singer Richard Archer.
  • KT Tunstall says her new album was influenced by the Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, and The Killers.(MTV)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.