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I see that we’ve found a worthy successor to Michael Parkinson‘s throne as Britain’s premier celeb interviewer: BBC host Jonathan Ross simply knows how to make his guests feel at ease. On his talk show, he disarmed his guest Fearne Cotton, a BBC reporter who had interviewed Princes William and Harry, when he suggested that Harry was having a wank in a photo she took with the princes. On the weekend of the Diana memorial concert, no less! The Daily Mail has an account:

They went on to discuss the photograph of the two princes standing behind Fearne, after which Ross said: “Looking at the way they talk to you I can see they find you attractive. They are not making much eye contact, look at the body language.

“Wills is looking down very embarrassed and Harry is virtually t****** himself off. I’m sorry I shouldn’t say that I should say t****** oneself off…There goes the Knighthood!”

Fearne, who had said how much she liked the young princes, and commented on how down to earth they both were, looked taken aback and gasped. There were also gasps from some members of the audience.

I’d love a YouTube clip of this, if anyone has one. I’m sure it makes Parky and Meg Ryan‘s interview look like a meeting between old friends.

In other news:

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  • A.N. Wilson goes after Pete Doherty and Kate Moss: “It is that Kate and Pete remind us of that disturbing phrase coined by Edward Heath: they are masks for the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism,’ a couple who cynically parade their drugged-up relationship before us to make money not only for themselves but also for the morally bankrupt commercial concerns that support them.” That is RICH coming from someone who works at The Daily Mail.
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  • The Daily Telegraph has a WHOLE SECTION OF ITS PAPER devoted to Harry Potter.
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  • Photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar opening Harrod’s summer sale in London. Training for your new career as a Price Is Right girl, luv?
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  • The Hot Stuff Files does the twenty best albums of the year so far.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.