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  • Writer Germaine Greer, talking to an Australian magazine, calls Princess Diana “devious,” “slow” and “disturbingly neurotic”, according to Page Six. She continues: “Of the four Spencer children, Diana was the slowest . . . [Her] death may have resulted indirectly from [one] of her back-handed manipulations – it is said that she only went to Paris with her late lover Dodi Fayed in order to make heart surgeon Hasnat Khan jealous.” The cult of Lady Di has already issued a fatwa.

  • Kate Middleton‘s got her freakum dress on.(Daily Mail)
  • So it’s true: Kelly Osbourne will play Mama Morton in a London staging of Chicago, proving that anyone with a public profile can tread the boards these days. (What’s next: Cherie Blair as Roxie Hart?) The Daily Mail has photos of a “slimmed down” Osbourne gussied up in matron regalia. Doesn’t she look a bit more Velma Kelly than Mama Morton?
  • Ozzy Osbourne was treated and released in a Denver hospital on Saturday for a “minor ailment.” A Denver NBC affiliate reported that it was surgery for a blood clot.(Yahoo)
  • Great White Shark sightings off the coast of Cornwall have led to hysteria. Of course, The Sun is fuelling the flames.
  • Actor Mike Reid, who played Frank Butcher on EastEnders, died suddenly in Spain of a “suspected heart attack,” according to the BBC. He was 67.(BBC)
  • A rare happy sighting of Madonna and Guy Ritchie.(Mirror)
  • Lewis Hamilton‘s girlfriend, Jodia Ma, flew 6,000 miles from Hong Kong to be with her racer boyfriend.(Sunday Mirror)
  • Kimberly Stewart calls stepmum Penny Lancaster her rock and laments the fates of friends Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. “It’s very sad what is happening to Lindsay. I think the problem is partly because there are too many hangers-on in LA and it’s important to have real friends and people you can trust.”(Sunday Mirror)
  • Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend are said to be househunting.
    (Sunday Mirror)
  • The Guardian lists the top ten British dotcoms. Dopplr, a “social networking” site “for frequent travelers” is No. 1.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.