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  • Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is now 18 and finally has access to his £20m fortune. Hope your flight’s booked.(Guardian)

  • Radcliffe’s co-star Katie Leung has a crush on Harry – Prince Harry, that is.(Daily Record)
  • If it ain’t broke…: Daniel Craig reportedly said that producers want to make James Bond funny again, with “Pussy Galore-style gags.” The Guardian‘s Danny Leigh thinks this is a crap idea: “More than the theme tunes, more even than the cold war trappings, it was the creaking gags that sank Bond as a cinematic force – and their absence that rescued him.”
  • Daniel Craig’s $26 million Bond deal will make him the UK’s highest-paid actor.(Daily Mail)
  • Craig is No. 3 on gay website’s Hot 100 list. Torchwood star John Barrowman is No. 10. Other Brits on the list include Christian Bale (No. 11), Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber (No. 25), Jason Statham (No. 40), and Orlando Bloom (No. 50). Jake Gyllenhaal is No. 1.
  • The Guardian‘s Sam Wollaston takes the piss – figuratively, of course -out of alleged faker Bear Grylls.
  • Gordon Ramsay can’t bear to watch himself on telly, not because of his behavior, but because of vanity. “I don’t want to see myself and say ‘I need Botox’ or ‘Those jeans look terrible.'” (Contact Music)
  • Jade Goody “has paid £2,400 for 12 weeks at New York’s Lee Strasberg school to learn method acting.”(Channel 4)
  • In today’s episode of As the Firecrotch Burns, Lindsay Lohan has bet $50,000 she can bed David Beckham, according to The Sun. I think there’s at least one person who hopes LL goes to prison today.
  • Welsh actor Matthew Rhys wants his gay Brothers & Sisters character to get some Becks sex.(E!)
  • California has banned David Beckham’s kangaroo-skin boots.(RTE)
  • The Mirror has transcribed Will Smith‘s welcome speech to Posh and Becks.
  • Why Victoria Beckham‘s documentary was a shambles: We Americans just don’t get her “ironic sense of humor.”(This Is Derbyshire)
  • Jordan and Peter Andre have named their daughter Princess Tiaamii. Bunny will be her nickname; I think J&P have gotten it quite backwards.(Mirror)
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian tops Observer readers’ list of the Top 50 Funniest Films Ever.(Guardian)
  • Comedian Russell Brand prank-called some South Wales residents during his stand-up show in Swansea. They were not amused: several of Brand’s victims phoned police.
  • Susannah Constantine of What Not To Wear told nuns “No f—ing way!” when they asked her to speak at her old school.(Metro)
  • Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson show the Yanks how to party.(Hello!)
  • EastEnders appears to be making a turn-around; ratings are up in anticipation of two new characters.(Unreality TV)
  • Cambridge Spies castmates Toby Stephens and Samuel West reunited for a London staging of Harold Pinter‘s Betrayal; they were joined by Dervla Kirwan, longtime companion of Rupert Penry-Jones (also a Cambridge alum). Ben Brantley of The New York Times says, “The macho loucheness of Mr. Stephens’s Jerry never disguised a needling, pose-thwarting insecurity. Mr. West’s very fine, ferociously passive-aggressive Robert laid bare the emptiness in the satisfaction of having the upper hand, while Ms. Kirwan located a pained, self-defeating longing for an idea of home that Emma could never hope to achieve.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.