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  • A source tells The Sun: “‘Kate gathered quite a collection of Pete’s ramblings over the two years. He used the lyrics from his song ‘What Katie Did’ – which was written about a totally different Kate – to pull her in the first place. It continued throughout the relationship. She has piles of love letters, poems, songs and paintings. Now Kate has decided to cleanse herself of him by burning the lot. It all stinks a bit of a high school break-up.'”

  • You spin me right round: the photographer accused of “grabbing Heather Mills‘ right shoulder and spinning her around to get a better view of her face as she was bicycling” has been found guilty of assault.(E!)
  • Amy Winehouse has canceled so many gigs that bookies are now taking wagers on whether or not she’ll show up to them.(NME)
  • Gigwise has this headline today: “Shayne Ward Nearly Kills A Midget While Shooting His New Video…” Me: OK, this has to be a joke. Oh, no, it’s serious: “Two midgets were involved in a scene where Shayne had to pick one of them up and throw them into a swimming pool. Unfortunately, he threw the wrong one, who was also wearing a face mask and could not breath in the water.”
  • Courtney Love celebrated her 43rd birthday by showing characteristic maturity: she got drunk with Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding and smashed up her hotel suite. (Mirror)
  • The Sun‘s resident instigator, Victoria Newton is spoiling for a fight between Liam Gallagher and Chris Martin at tonight’s Q awards. “The Oasis star hates Coldplay frontman Chris – and even insulted his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, calling her a ‘gawky bird.'”
  • In The Independent, John McClure of Reverend & the Makers talks about his Sheffield-based band’s unique sound and why the record companies wanted them to sound like that other Sheffield band, Arctic Monkeys. Ironically, McClure was once in the same group with Alex Turner, who now claims McClure was a big influence on him. To that, McClure responds, “I feel embarrassed – maybe I had a 25 per cent influence. If he said that, then that’s a really nice thing.”
  • Long time, no cringe: our favorite lush, Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding, cuts a boozy path outside a London nightclub.(Daily Mail)
  • Take That singer Mark Owen had Snatched Brad Pitt‘s look.(The Sun)
  • Lee Southall of The Coral is a digital Luddite: he thinks all of this iPod/downloading crap is for the birds. Not surprising for a band that sounds like time travelers from the 8-track era.(Gigwise)
  • That Jack Peñate is a naughty little scamp. The singer-songwriter allegedly demonstrated his artistic talents all over the walls of the Glasgow club where he was performing. He denied the handiwork was his doing even though he was caught – quite literally – red-handed.”A staff member said, ‘He had marker pens in his pocket and ink all over his hands, so he was hauled into the office and the police were called.'” Peñate later paid £200 for repairs.(NME)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.