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  • Tony Blair exits stage left, and the Gordon Brown era has begun. The Guardian and BBC both have the extensive coverage you’d expect for such an historic handover.

  • Blair did not kiss the Queen’s hand upon asking for his removal from office. I’m simply scandalized…are you?(The Times)
  • Video: Cherie Blair‘s parting shot to the media: “Bye, I don’t think we’ll miss you.”
    (The Times)
  • Gordon Brown responds to actual reader questions in The Independent. About the Iraq invasion, he says, “There’s no doubt that mistakes were made in our planning for what happened after the removal of Saddam, and I think it’s important to learn the lessons and to go forward knowing that proper procedures are going to be in place that will command the confidence not just of Parliament but the confidence of the public. We will learn all the lessons that need to be learnt.”

  • John Simm‘s Doctor Who character is like “an evil Prime Minister,” says Russell T. Davies.(Digital Spy)
  • The Guardian‘s Lynn Barber says “Good riddance!” to the retiring Michael Parkinson: “I’ve never understood why Michael Parkinson was supposed to be a good interviewer – I thought he was deadly, especially with women, especially with younger women, especially with younger women who didn’t talk posh.”
  • The top 10 Parkinson moments from The Daily Telegraph.
  • J.K. Rowling objected to David Yates‘ removal of a character from the latest Harry Potter film. Yates explains to MTV: “We took Kreacher out, and Jo [J.K.] said, ‘Listen guys, you don’t have to put Kreacher back, but I’m just telling you, if you want to kind of keep a thread going for six and seven, you might want Kreacher to come back.’ She basically told us Kreacher plays a role in [the seventh book], in a sense. She hinted. We thought about it for five seconds, and he came back.”
  • British director Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement) will direct Oscar winner Jamie Foxx in a L.A.-set drama about “schizophrenia and homelessness.”(Guardian)
  • Clive Owen may star in a Spike Lee-directed revival of Stalag 17 on Broadway. Owen starred in Lee’s most recent feature, Inside Man.
    (New York Times)
  • Robbie Williams takes a laissez-faire approach to “coaching” his amateur soccer team in L.A.X17 has video.
  • Robbie seemed “less than impressed” with Declan Donnelly‘s (of Ant ‘n Dec fame) performance on the pitch.(Mirror)
  • Is Gordon Ramsay set to open his third pub in west London?
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.