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  • Madonna has dedicated her life to helping the hungry in Africa, but it wouldn’t harm her to sit down and have a bite herself, says a Mirror spy who saw the pop queen leaving a London restaurant, of all places. “I couldn’t believe the tiny, frail woman I was looking at was Madonna. She normally seems so healthy, but she looked dreadfully fragile. Her skin was almost grey and she was painfully thin. She looked in dire need of a decent meal.” God knows she doesn’t have the money to buy herself one. The Sun also gets in on the Slap-a-Skinny-Woman game.

  • British MP George Galloway, who made a fool of himself on Celebrity Big Brother, was attacked at Glasgow Airport on Sunday, it has been reported. He was kicked and threatened by a group of men, and one assailant allegedy shouted, “I don’t like your radio talk, I don’t like your newspaper talk, I have a religious duty to knock you down.”
  • Tony Wilson, the legendary Factory Records founder who is now battling cancer, talks to Billboard about his In the City music festival in New York. It’s up on New Order Online.
  • Jim Kerr of Simple Minds has given up drugs for cold showers.
    (Daily Record)
  • Jordan, naked, pregnant, and sitting in Peter Andre‘s lap. Quite the wholesome family portrait.(The Sun)
  • It’s a big wedding weekend for the WAGs: four lucky ladies will become official Footballers Wive$ this weekend.(Daily Mail)
  • Radiohead says their new album – four years in the making – is almost done.(NME)
  • Could it be?: M.I.A. and Björktogether on tour?!?!?(Pitchfork)
  • The Fratellis have turned down an offer to re-record “Hello, Goodbye” for David Beckham‘s first soccer match in America. What’s at stake? Their “self-respect.”(Gigwise)
  • Victoria Beckham will miss two things when she leaves the UK: Marks & Spencer and EastEnders.(Fametastic)
  • Liam Gallagher fancies a bit of Art Brut.(NME)
  • Muse drummer Dominic Howard dares to piss off George Michael fans by calling the former Wham! singer’s Wembley concert “a joke.” Muse is set to play the massive venue this weekend.(Gigwise)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.