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  • Princes William and Harry have written a letter to Channel 4 asking that they not air photos of Princess Diana‘s crash in a documentary premiering tomorrow. Undeterred, Channel 4 has moved forward with the broadcast – c’mon, this is the network that airs Big Brother, for chrissakes – which the Princes call a “gross disrespect.”
    (The Times)

  • The TimesAdam Sherwin agrees with the princes. “The Diana controversy should add a million viewers to Channel 4 tomorrow night. But why didn’t a senior executive keep the Palace fully abreast of the documentary’s purpose and nature during production, given its sensitive nature?”
  • Celebrity Big Brother host Davina McCall has broken her silence on the race row: “Jade [Goody] behaved appallingly, as did Jo and Danielle Lloyd, and there was bullying.”(Daily Mail)
  • Jarvis Cocker is the latest rocker to hit out at TV talent competitions like Idol and X-Factor. “A great voice expresses something and gives you some idea of the personality behind the voice. There’s zero personality in the voices of any of the people who sing on these shows.”(BBC)
  • Chris Tryhorn wonders why X-Factor changed its previous lineup. I support Tryhorn’s view – right up until the point he calls the irritating and thankfully sacked host Kate Thornton “underrated.” (Guardian)
  • Copies of Paul McCartney‘s album sold at Starbucks will be ineligible for inclusion in chart numbers. (BBC)
  • Victoria Beckham‘s reality series to become a one-off special. Did her decision to cut out on filming and return to England for husband David Beckham‘s football match have anything to do with it?
    (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Piers Morgan says he’s “bigger than the Beckhams.” A bigger knobhead, maybe.(Digital Spy)
  • BBC radio host Chris Moyles has banned Jordan from his show because she was late for an interview. (The Sun)
  • Most parents look for ten little fingers and ten little toes when they give birth. Not Miss Jordan. The dubious singer/model/author, who just learned she’s carrying a girl, only wants to see one thing: one tiny little vajayjay. “For me the best bit is still to come – seeing her vagina. When she’s born, I’ll be like, ‘Show me her bits.’ Because that will prove it to me.” I understand that she’s obsessed with her own puss-wah, but must she transfer her pathology to her child?(Contact Music)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Eileen Quinn reports live from the set of the latest adaptation of A Room with a View.
  • Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil had a “screaming row” after the MTV Movie Awards, sources claim.(Mirror)
  • Alex Turner is one horny Monkey: add Amelle Berrabah to his ever-growing list of sex objects.(Mirror)
  • Simon Amstell, the acerbic comedian and host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, is making a sitcom about growing up in a Jewish family. The production company behind it is Tiger Aspect, producers of Robin Hood.
    (The Stage)
  • Who’s Amstell? To refresh your memory, here’s a video of him tormenting Buzzcocks guest, rocker Preston, about his marriage to celebutante Chantelle. Preston walks off the show in a huff.
  • Patrick Wolf has begun work on his fourth album, which will contain “political” songs inspired by his time in Amerikkka. (NME)
  • Jonathan Jones campaigns to have Damien Hirst‘s diamond-encrusted skull bought by the British government and made available to the public.(Guardian)
  • Off The Telly‘s Graham Kibble-White watched Jekyll – the upcoming BBC AMERICA series – and liked what he saw. “I gorged on all six episodes, and it’s a fabulous show. I’d say that even if episode one doesn’t grab you, come back the following week and that’ll probably change. Each edition does something new and unexpected. It’s a real roller coaster.”
  • Mark Ruffalo is taking over for Daniel Craig in Fernando MeirellesBlindness. Craig dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.(Cinematical)
  • Roger Michell reveals why he passed on directing the follow-up to Casino Royale. “The Bond people – who are lovely – are used to going into these massive productions in quite a chaotic way: ‘Oh, we’ll fix that later.’ I panicked about this. And it was starting to make me feel very, very unhappy about what I was doing and who I was. The more the money went up, the worse it made me feel.”(The Times)
  • Gideon’s Daughter was among the honorees at yesterday’s Peabody Award luncheon.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.