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  • In spite of the contestants’ “astonishing appetite for wild romps” and “cravings for mind-bending drugs”, Sir Paul McCartney says Big Brother is boring: “I’m against the celebration of mediocrity. I’m sorry about that world because I know everyone loves it and loves to watch mediocre people.” (Daily Mail)

  • “Ex-lap dancer” Charley is already the most hated in the house.(The Times)
  • A male model will be dropped in for mating purposes.(The Sun)
  • The Lara Croft babes (sans Angelina Jolie) gather together for a sexy photo shoot.(The Sun)
  • The Guardian‘s John Patterson asks why more British directors don’t shoot in London and wonders if the place just isn’t cinematic enough.
  • The Daily Mail has a photo of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller strolling London, captioned “Hello boys! Keira stepped out with her boyfriend Rupert Friend while Sienna teamed up with another pal.” Wait, isn’t that “other pal” their co-star, Matthew Rhys? The guy gets no respect!
  • Rare early nude shots of Kate Moss have sold for nearly $366,000.
    (Daily Mail)
  • Instead of buying a Lamborghini or a Ferrari for his 18th birthday, Daniel Radcliffe‘s plunking down the cash on a trusty Fiat.(Daily Mail)
  • Jade Goody‘s boyfriend, Jack Tweed, went “berserk” and smashed up their hotel room. “Staff at the four-star Ramada Plaza in Wrexham were appalled by the state of the suite, which had blood all over the smashed walls as well as sick on the floor.”(Mirror)
  • Billie Piper and boyfriend Laurence Fox have bought a cottage together.(Mirror)
  • Rupert Everett, who wears Camilla drag for his role in St. Trinian’s, hopes for a royal premiere so that he can cozy up to Prince Charles. “Wouldn’t it be funny if he pinched my bottom by mistake?”(Mirror)
  • Another Brideshead Revisited adaption is underway, and its writer, Philip Brock, says he’s not intimidated by the “shadow” cast by the TV mini-series. “Though set in the rarefied world of the aristocracy between the wars, it still speaks directly to many of the issues that count as “current”: religious fundamentalism, class, sexual tolerance, the pursuit of individualism.”(Telegraph)
  • A Liverpool radiologist wrote a screenplay and now Peter O’Toole, John Malkovich, Darryl Hannah, and Damian Lewis are set to star in the $27 million production.(The Times)
  • Stephen Fry is writing a “naughty” version of Cinderella for the Old Vic, Kevin Spacey has revealed.(The Times)
  • Spacey will return to the London stage in Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow.(BBC)
  • The Guardian‘s travel section has a gallery of “Britain through the ages.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.