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Halle Berry now has a better shot of landing a role in the next Bond film: her Monster’s Ball director, Marc Forster, has been confirmed for the follow-up to Casino Royale, reports BBC. I thought Martin Campbell‘s direction for Casino was witty, sexy, and stylish, everything a James Bond film should be, and I was hoping he’d stay on for the next film. Alas, he was passed over in favor of Forster, who hasn’t really distinguished himself as anything other than a journeyman director of “prestige” movies.

Cinematical reported last week that Martin Campbell had signed on to direct the movie 36, which, coincidentally, was once attached to Forster. The incestuous world of Hollywood continues to go round and round…

Also in today’s news: Michael Apted (Amazing Grace) will direct the next Chronicles of Narnia film.(Guardian)

Clive Owen is great, but can he fill Humphrey Bogart‘s shoes? The Brit is set to take on Bogie’s legendary Big Sleep character, detective Philip Marlowe, in a series of films based on Raymond Chandler‘s stories. Graphic artist Frank Miller will direct.(Guardian)

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.