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  • Photo gallery: Sexy Gerard Butler tries to find something to do with his hands while waiting at the airport. (Just Jared has the pics, including a rear view of Mr. Butler tying his shoes.) Ya know, I could offer him a friendly suggestion…

  • The jig is up for Michael Barrymore: the British actor/comedian has been arrested, along with two others, for the 2001 murder and sexual assault of Stuart Lubbock, who was found in Barrymore’s swimming pool with drugs in his system and anal injuries.(BBC)
  • Chris Atkins, director of Taking Liberties (a.k.a. the Blighty Fahrenheit 9/11), responds to criticisms of his film in The Guardian.
  • Jordan hits back at Chris Moyles, who recently banned the cover girl from his show for being 15 minutes late. Moyles had dismissed the excuse that she’s a “busy mum.” Jordan responds, “I feel like saying: ‘Come to my house one morning and take all my stuff with Harvey, and I’ll do your show – then you can tell me what you think.'”(Mirror)
  • Victoria Beckham takes a stick-and-stones approach to the insults thrown her way: “If I was really bothered about what people think, I would have slit my wrists a few years ago. If you pay attention to everything you read, you’ll end up like everyone else – in The Priory.”(The Sun)
  • Rebus author Ian Rankin finds a new theory behind the Jekyll and Hyde mystery. “The Scots author claims that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the book after being influenced by scary bedtimes stories about Major Thomas Weir, the last man in Scotland to be executed for practicing witchcraft.”(Scotsman)
  • Manju Malhi, a British chef of Indian descent, is trying to re-invent bland British cuisine for South Asian palates. The BBC samples some of her dishes: “Fish and chips is made with a pinch of turmeric and a hint of chilli powder to give it a bit of a kick. And an English version of spag bol (originally Italian spaghetti bolognese) is made for vegetarians.” Malhi adds,”I have turned the whole process around – in Britain curry is diluted to make it less spicy for the British taste buds, here I’m adding spices to English dishes to make them more acceptable.”
  • Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey is set to join BBC’s Waterloo Road.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
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