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Last week, Gordon Ramsay revealed that his autobiography, Humble Pie, could be made into a movie. According to today's Metro, the fiery gourmet chef feels that a certain Oscar-winning hothead could do him justice.

"Someone who can be really passionate about what they're doing. Russell Crowe, he's sort of feisty and fiery," he says, although he adds that he'd prefer a British actor.

"I can't have Hugh Grant, he'd melt in the kitchen. I'd like a Scot, so Ewan McGregor, he'd be good, although he's a little short."

OK, who's Scottish, thirtyish, and fiery?  Ewan McGregor, I think, could nail it; he has the jauntiness, the bravado, the charisma. But if the Trainspotting star proves too vertically challenged, here's another choice:

Kevin McKidd. Anyone who watched him on Rome knows he can pull off Gordon's trademark swagger, bark, and passion. Furthermore, he's Scottish, he has a least a couple inches advantage over McGregor, he's blond, and his new TV series, Journeyman, could launch him into the A-list. I think we've found our Gordon. Who's your pick?


  • Gordon stunned diners when he lugged a dead deer over his shoulder inside his restaurant during shooting for The F-Word. (Daily Mail)

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.