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I’ve only experienced one of the 25 activities listed in this year’s Rough Guide to Britain and Ireland. (That would be “Clubbing In London” – and we see how well that one turned out.) No matter, there’s a lifetime’s worth of sites to see on the British Isles. The Daily Telegraph and its readers have their own take on this list: which locations would you add or subtract? Which ones have you already conquered?

The complete list – including relevant links – is below.

1 Soaking up the Edinburgh Festival.

2 Go West – walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

3 Punting on the Cam.

4 Supping Guinness in Dublin.

5 Wandering Borrowdale in the Lake District.

6 Be humbled by Durham Cathedral.

7 Cycling in the New Forest.

8 See the Belfast Murals.

9 Surfing in Newquay.

10 Breathing in the sea air in Tobermory.

11 Hiking in Snowdonia.

12 Hunting ghosts in York.

13 Hitting the streets for Notting Hill Carnival.

14 Getting away from it all on Skellig Michael.

15 Get lost in the Balti Triangle.

16 Clubbing in London.

17 Walking on Dartmoor.

18 Trundling along the West Highlands Railway.

19 Winning the prehistoric lottery (Newgrange Lottery, Co Meath).

20 Watching a football match at Old Trafford.

21 Losing yourself in Connemara.

22 Take a stroll from St. Paul’s to Tate Modern.

23 Holkham magic: visiting the best beach in Britain.

24 Walking the walls of Conwy Castle.

25 Experience Glastonbury.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.