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Sir Paul McCartney is said to be smitten with opera star Natasha Marsh (see right), whom he met at the Classical Brits. The Mirror remarks that she bears "a striking resemblance to Heather Mills." See for yourself: check out photos on Marsh's website. At least this woman has a thriving career in her own right.

Aretha Franklin was going to cast Corrine Bailey Rae in the musical of her life. But then Ree-Ree saw Rae-Rae's meager assets and changed her tune. "Well, her pictures look one way and when I saw her on TV she looked a little different so I don't think so." Sorry, Corinne, but Jill Scott's name is written all over that part: she's got pipes out the wazoo and booty for days. (Mirror)

George Michael has declared himself "the Robin Hood of pop." Does that mean Mr. Hood smokes dope and cruises Sherwood Forest for clandestine same-sex encounters with aging outlaws? (Contact Music)

The continued success of that Bouncy and Shaky duet has denied Manic Street Preachers a No. 1 berth this week. Not much chart movement: American collective Hellogoodbye gets the week's coveted "indie band" spot with their dance-y tune, "Here (In Your Arms)."

1. Beyoncé and Shakira – Beautiful Liar
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2. Manic Street Preachers – Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
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3. Gym Class Heroes – Cupid's Chokehold
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4. Timbaland Ft Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake – Give It To Me
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5. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
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6. Ne*Yo – Because Of You
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7. Mika – Love Today
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8. Mark Ronson Ft Daniel Merriweather- Stop Me
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9. Groove Armada ft Stush – Get Down
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10. Hellogoodbye – Here (in Your Arms)
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In other news:

  • The Kooks are upset that the cool kids (a.k.a. Arctic Monkeys) don't say "hi" in the lunch room. (Starpulse)

    Travis frontman Fran Healy warns Kele Okereke of an imminent arse-kicking from Liam Gallagher. Okereke, the lead singer of Bloc Party, infamously took Oasis to task for "making stupidity cool."

  • The Guardian's Sean O'Hagan does a rather lazy, by-the-numbers summation of The Smiths' impact on music, offering no new insights on the band. Either hire Mark Simpson to do it right or don't publish anything at all.
  • Robbie Williams communes with Dean Martin at the singer's grave site, he's revealed. (Mirror)
  • Damon Albarn, a.k.a. the worldiest rock star ever, has written a Chinese opera and talks to The Times about it. The interview stays away from any talk of a Blur reunion.
  • M.I.A. headed to Jamaica to shoot a video for her new album, and Pitchfork has photos. She's a beautiful girl, no doubt, but WTF is she wearing?
  • The Lily Allen backlash continues: The Fratellis are taking shots at her now, claiming she was anything but gracious when they beat her for the British Breakthrough BRIT award. "She's a snobby f***ing brat. It's KEITH ALLEN's daughter so what can you expect?" (The Sun)

I don't think the Sheriff will take too kindly to these remarks.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.