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German prosecutors are investigating Paul McCartney over charges he faked a paternity test back in 1983. “Bettina Hubers, 46, has always claimed the former Beatle is her father, following an affair with her mother Erika, now 64, in the days when the band played in the Starlight club in Hamburg.” When Paul submitted DNA evidence in 1983, Hubers says McCartney sent along a double – who I’m sure he always has handy for such occasions. Knock up a German waitress, marry a money-grubbing harpy, blame it on your lookalike – Bob’s your uncle, Macca ain’t the papa.

  • Mischa Barton hangs out with Kate Middleton.(Splash)

  • Prince Harry has been ordered to stay out of nightclubs while his squadron’s in Iraq.(The Sun)
  • Kate Moss‘ Topshop line earned £3 million in its first week.(Daily Mail)
  • Could Keith Richards succeed where Mick Jagger failed and write an autobiography?(NME)
  • Syd Barrett, who lived his last days in poverty and mental illness, left behind a reported £1.7m fortune.(Digital Spy)
  • Fans in Columbus, Ohio speak of their enduring love for Morrissey.
  • UK rockers The Twang say Noel Gallagher snubbed them before they became famous.(Virgin)
  • Amy Winehouse says she’s not getting married…yet.(Mirror)
  • Spin and Rolling Stone magazines have locked horns over their competing Amy Winehouse covers.(Idolator)
  • Simon Webbe, the hunky British pop star, is giving back to his community.(The Times)
  • The Independent‘s Andy Gill gives Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s album, Trip the Light Fantastic, a rather nasty one-star review. “Soulless, lifeless, and worthless,” he scoffs. I actually quite like her song, “Me and My Imagination,” which he dismisses as “a 20-year-old Yellow Magic Orchestra track overlaid with the ‘la-da-dee, la-dee-da’ hook from Crystal Waters‘ ‘Gypsy Woman.'” Oh, pish-posh: if Madonna still made records as effortlessly charming as this, she’d still be relevant.
  • An interview with Britain’s latest blue-eyed soul sensation, Candie Payne. She says she’s no Mod throwback: “Everyone gets the impression that I’m one of these Mods who’s obsessed with the Sixties but I never have been. If I had to pick an era to live in it would be the Thirties and Forties. The big-band era, to be singing with Artie Shaw.”(The Times)
  • Paul Weller crosses to the darkside: the former Oasis cohort is recording with Blur guitarist Graham Noxon, reports The Sun‘s Victoria Newton.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.