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It’s looking more likely than ever that Russell T. Davies will leave Doctor Who after the fourth series. An insider at BBC Wales tells the Guardian (registration required):

“Russell has always said that he wouldn’t be with the show forever and he has made no secret that the hours are quite exhausting,” the insider said.

“But there isn’t any way it would be axed even if he left. He loves the show and he does feel that maybe it would benefit from some new blood.”

I’m not happy about this news, and I’m sure the BBC isn’t either: the revamped series has been a huge ratings and critical success for the Beeb. Hell, the show not only survived the departures of its defining stars – Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper – but thrived without them. Davies must take the credit for that. As for the show going on without him, what writer-producer could match Davies’ brilliant blend of sexy wit and family-friendly lightness? The man’s a genius.

In other news:

  • Get at her, boys: Billie Piper and Chris Evans have finally had a “quickie divorce” so that Evans can marry golfer Natasha Shishmanian.(Daily Mail)

  • Now that L.A. is being overrun by British gold diggers, it’s only fair that London is being invaded by Russian gold-diggers.
  • Is Kate Middleton dating a new man?(Daily Mail)
  • Kate Moss re-defines heroin chic as she copies Pete Doherty‘s style.
    (Daily Mail)
  • David Beckham may still be in line for knighthood, in spite of the backlash caused by his U.S. move, officials say.(The Sun)
  • Contemporary bands re-make Sgt. Pepper’s 40 years after the original.(Telegraph)
  • Pete Townshend of The Who says The Rolling Stones inspired their early work – and even hints at a collaboration with Mick Jagger.(NME)
  • Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees has taken up the campaign to extend UK copyrights.(BBC)
  • Mutya Buena talks to The Independent about how she fell out with former Sugababes bandmate and childhood friend, Keisha Buchanan. “I think mixing friends and business isn’t the key. You fall apart or you become stronger as friends. And Keisha knows, as I knew, we drifted apart. Most of the bickering [in the group] was probably me and Keisha. That’s how it is: females – I can’t take much of them. That’s why I have a lot more male friends, because females are very bitchy, and I can’t do bitchy.” Hmmm, I think Mutya just called Keisha a bitch! Oh hell no!
  • Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud is dating a DJ.(The Sun)
  • A member of UK band The Enemy was hospitalized after drinking “spiked” booze.(The Sun)
  • Lohan conquest Calum Best admits drugs and sex addictions and fears he’ll meet the same fate as his father, late soccer star George Best.(The Sun)
  • Actor Toby Stephens, son of Maggie Smith and the late Robert Stephens, also reflects on the addiction he inherited from his father. He tells The Guardian: “I think I’ve dealt with it. It’s one of those things. I had his alcoholism. I have it. Luckily, I got out of it by the time I was 30. I’d watched Robert die from it but, stupidly, carried on drinking. I wish I could say it was some kind of psychological torture. But it’s purely a physical need. I am designed to cope with huge quantities of alcohol and to want more. As soon as I have some, I want more. And my life is just much easier not having any, although I miss it sometimes.”
  • Rehab alum Robbie Williams is back at his old haunt, L.A. club Hyde.
    (The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.