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  • You can’t keep Lily Allen down for long – c’mon, she’s The Sheriff‘s daughter, for chrissakes. After her somewhat alarming cry for help on her Myspace blog, fans rallied behind her and lifted her back to her fighting spirit. In a new post, she says her moment of insecurity was brought on by comparisons to Kate Moss due to their competing clothing ranges. Oh, and she calls Cheryl Tweedy a “stupid bitch.” (The Sun)

  • Tweedy’s band, Girls Aloud, put on their raunchiest show.(Daily Mail)
  • You know what? Cheryl may not actually be the “stupidest bitch” in the band: Sarah Harding says only “pussies go to rehab.” Famous last words.
  • Guy Ritchie prepares his next unwatchable movie.(Reuters)
  • Kate Winslet has donated her libel damages to an eating disorder charity.(BBC)
  • Ricky Gervais may perform with Spinal Tap at Live Earth.(Guardian)
  • Madonna is making her dictatorial, er, directorial debut?(Mirror)
  • A Nick Drake compilation of rarities will be released June 19th.(NME)
  • Animal rights activists dumped a steaming pile of horse manure in front of Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant to protest his advocacy of eating horse meat. (Daily Mail)
  • You thought Seabiscuit sandwiches were foul: why not munch on some animal penis? asks Ramsay. On the set of The F-Word, Ramsay and Top Gear host James May pushed the limits of decorum when they competed in a “penis-eating” competition. (Daily Record)
  • Arctic Monkeys continue their trend of covering female artists, this time re-making Barbara Lewis‘ “Baby I’m Yours.”
  • Victoria Beckham has turned herself into a “Bree van dee Camp” in order to get her kids into a posh Beverly Hills private school, she tells The Sun. “I’ve been having to promise to do loads for the school and David has offered to give the pupils some football lessons. I’m just worried that my cupcakes won’t be up to standard!” I’m sure L.A. residents have seen enough of your “cupcakes” to last them your kids’ entire education.
  • The Germans are fighting back against the British stereotypes of them. In a piece in Spiegel magazine, “[A] dislike of us is a folkloric pleasure that belongs to the UK, like driving on the left or the opinion that Victoria Beckham is a classy lady.”(Daily Mail)
  • Johnny Marr goes from guitar licks to designing kicks.
  • Jade Goody‘s having her third child.
  • The best places to camp it up in the UK.(The Times)
  • Doctor Who producers want Woody Allen to play Albert Einstein, The Sun reports. Where do they come up with this stuff?
  • An interview with Simon Pegg. (Telegraph)
  • Kirsten Dunst, inspired by Pegg and Nick Frost flushed Johnny Borrell’s cake down the potty.(The Sun)
  • Now that Eddie Izzard‘s focusing on acting, has Bill Bailey (Black Books, Spaced) taken his place in British stand-up?(Evening Standard)
  • You can poke Prince William on Facebook.(Guardian)
  • Brits will get a leg-up if they’re seeking work in Hollywood: BAFTA is offering mentoring and networking opportunities to young UK actors. (Variety)
  • Actors Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy were snubbed in today’s Tony nominations.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.