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Photos of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller "frolicking on the beach" have hit all the UK papers (and blogs, too – Tanya Bower sent me this). Even though screenwriter Sharman Macdonald has rubbished claims that there was gonna be any girl-on-girl hanky panky in her movie, The Best Time of Our Lives, The Daily Mail is simply wetting itself over a rumored "Sapphic" scene.

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley are preparing to shoot an onscreen lesbian scene, but off screen, the pair are more interested in tomfoolery.

Taking time out between takes of romantic drama The Best Time of Our Lives, the Hollywood stars frolicked along the Wales beachside and giggled like schoolgirls.

Before you cue the bow-chicka-bow-wow, there's also a shot of Sienna Miller hiking up her skirt to reveal some frothy knickers. The photo's caption: "Sienna['s] demure look is quickly undone when she pulls up her skirt to cool down." Nah, just her way of saying "Howdy."

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.