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  • The Daily Mail discovers some “mystery white marks” on Kate Moss‘ jeans. It could have been a powdered donut – which would be believable if she actually, you know, ate.

  • Salman Rushdie and Padme Lakshmi put up a united front amidst rumors of a split.(Daily Mail)
  • Damn, a Spice Girls reunion thwarted again: Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Posh all came together for David Beckham‘s 32nd birthday. Sporty‘s absence mucked it all up, but I think David Walliams makes a smashing stand-in. P.S. what’s with the bad Donna Summer wig on Mel B.?(Daily Mail)
  • Oh, the cradle-robbing irony: has 41-year-old Sadie Frost lost her 23-year-old boyfriend Kristian Marr to 16-year Pixie Geldof?(Daily Mail)
  • Gordon Ramsay really laced into Girls Aloud, who were guests on his show The F-Word. “By looking at how skinny you are, you don’t eat food,” he taunted. When Cheryl Cole protested that there weren’t any non-meat meal options, Ramsay retorted, “Didn’t you get the message? Vegetarians aren’t welcome here.”I’m sure The Daily Mail makes this sound a lot worse than it actually is, but bwahahahaha! Gordon’s a riot!
  • Tana Ramsay‘s book is outselling her more famous husband’s.
    (What’s On TV)
  • Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools and Girls Aloud tart Sarah Harding display six-pack abs.
  • Good news: Peter Andre is out of the hospital.(The Sun)
  • Don’t call 28 Weeks Later star Robert Carlyle a Method actor. In an interview with The Times, he says, “I hate that term, Method. It’s definitely been given to me over the years, but I don’t know if it’s true. My belief is that every actor’s got their own method, and as long as it works that’s OK.”
  • Rowan Atkinson is set to play Mr. Micawber in the Peter Howitt-directed adaptation of David Copperfield.(Mirror)
  • The Times lists BBC6’s top ten worst lyrics of all-time. How they missed Mims‘ “This Is Why I’m Hot” is beyond me.
  • The new Arctic Monkeys album debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 album chart, reports the BBC.
  • The boys from The View boozed it up and wreaked havoc upon a TV studio, reports The Mirror. “The boys were like maniacs with Kyle Falconer doing running handstands that nearly knocked a poor girl off her feet. They hurled candle wax over the walls and Kyle had dirt smeared all over his face from falling down so much.”
  • Neil McCormick interviews Natasha Bedingfield, who is unapologetic about her mainstream sensibility. “I want to communicate, and I don’t want to put up barriers. It is pop because it’s not elitist. It’s anthemic, it’s got structure to it, and it’s easy to understand. Plus, I like to dance.”(Telegraph)
  • Noel Gallagher says he wrote the Oasis classic “Live Forever” in response to the sturm und drang of Nirvana and other American grunge bands. “I can’t have people like that coming over here, on smack, saying that they hate themselves and they wanna die. That’s just rubbish.”(Sound Generator)
  • And the awards keep comin’ for Helen Mirren…(Variety)
  • Robert De Niro spits his best game to “delicious chocolate thing” Jamelia.(Mirror)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.