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  • Gordon Ramsay‘s rival chef, Marco Pierre White, is the latest fool to fall victim to a “flaming Sambuca.” “He tried to drink the shot – which he had set alight – but ended up spilling it down his shirt while trying to impress friends at the Spotted Pig in Manhattan.Things went from bad to worse when he attempted to extinguish the flames with wine – the glass broke and he stabbed himself in the hand.” Snort. (Daily Mail)

  • Daniel Craig is confirmed for Flashbacks of the Fool, in which he’ll play “a pleasure-seeking British actor whose career takes a sharp downturn as he hits his 40s.”(Guardian)
  • Paparazzi descended upon Keith Richards and his family while they dined in L.A., says a Defamer spy. “At one point, the ‘razzi were swarming so badly that the management tried to hang black tablecloths in the windows. Keith just waved them off with an ‘Awww, f**k ’em, f**k ’em all…’ and stayed planted in his seat smoking and drinking red wine. The night ended with a quick slip out the back while security created the impression of a false exit out the front.”
  • Prince Charles has heard about the midnight rambler, and he’s beefing up security to keep him out.(The Sun)
  • The Guardian‘s David Pollock says David Mitchell and Robert Webb‘s new movie, Magicians, is a “gently amusing film…that makes the fatal flaw of forgetting to be funny for rather long stretches.” He says Mitchell & Webb should have instead made their hit sitcom, Peep Show, into a film.
  • The Guardian‘s Ian Winwood says Lemmy from Motörhead should be named “The Greatest Living Englishman.” “Lemmy may have hit many a duff note in the past 30 years, but not once has he told you a lie.”
  • Bill Nighy calls his Pirates costume “sad and embarrassing.”(Contact Music)
  • M.I.A. is the latest British musician to cancel American performances due to visa problems.(Contact Music)
  • The Hot Stuff Files has an ad for the new Sugababes dolls.
  • The Independent profiles the new teen bands who are building audiences without record deals.
  • Hugh Laurie is now Hugh Laurie, OBE: he was given the honor today by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
  • Paul McCartney premiered his new video, “Dance Tonight” (featuring Natalie Portman), on YouTube last night.(The Times)
  • A Sophie Ellis-Bextor podcast on The Times in which she leaves little for you and your imagination.
  • Suddenly, I see: KT Tunstall ran into a “long lost love interest in New York.”(Daily Record)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.