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  • A Channel 4 documentary will delve into the “in’s and out’s” of Camilla‘s sex life. There are a lot of things I’d like to learn about before I die; somehow this fails to make the list.(Daily Mail)

  • The first 12 contestants of the UK Big Brother will be all female, reports The Mirror. One “hunky” man will be introduced later.
  • One of the housemates will be an ex-lap dancer. Hey, at least the one dude will be entertained.(Guardian)
  • Pete Postlethwaite is “worth traveling miles” for as Prospero in The Tempest, currently playing the Royal Exchange in Manchester. From Dominic Cavendish‘s review in The Daily Telegraph.
  • Marco Pierre White slams airline food, saying he’d rather have a Big Mac. In an interview for The Times, he says, “I don’t want to single out any particular airline because I think the food generally is pretty appalling. I always order it just to have a look. I was with my friend on a recent business class flight and I said to him ‘you know, I think I would prefer a McDonalds’.”(The Times)
  • Performance artist Mark McGowan has eaten his corgi, and even shared some of it with Yoko Ono. “It’s disgusting. It’s really, really, really disgusting,” he says. No, really? I’m sure Gordon Ramsay has a recipe for dog gyros that will knock your socks off…(BBC)
  • The men behind Daniel Radcliffe‘s Equus say that the show’s success was never guaranteed. Producer Dafydd Rogers says, in today’s Telegraph, “There was a misconception that we sold out in advance. But there really wasn’t a safety net of ‘If he can’t do it, never mind’. We needed the rave reviews. It was never going to be a success unless he could do it. That opening night was nerve-racking.”
  • Timothy Spall and his son, Rafe Spall, will appear in an ITV version of A Room With a View, reportsThe Stage.
  • Aardman, the people behind Creature Comforts and Wallace & Gromit, will get their own Joost channel.(Variety)
  • In an attempt to attract a more demo-friendly audience, CBS has bought the London-based website for $280 million.(Variety)
  • Shed Productions, the people behind Footballers Wive$ and Bad Girls, has seen 10% increase in revenue. “In the U.K., Shed has secured new commissions, including ITV drama Rock Rivals, set around a TV talent show, and the romantic comedy Cat Walk Dogs, while [Shed-owned] Ricochet has enjoyed a strong year in the U.S., with ABC picking up a fourth season of Super Nanny, along with new primetime series Fat March, which will air this summer.”(Variety)
  • Actor David Morrissey‘s long-time partner, author Esther Freud, talks about her near-rape experience as a teenager inThe Guardian.
  • After EastEnders was shut-out at last week’s ceremony, a BBC “insider” allegedly complained to the Daily Star that voting for the British Soap Awards is fixed. “The panel isn’t fair. It’s made up of executives from ITV as well as critics and representatives from each soap. But there isn’t much impartiality and a lot of the voting is tactical. It’s a bit of a fix.” Mark Wright in The Stage responds, “You weren’t complaining last year were you? No, of course not, because ‘Enders won Best Soap, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Single Episode, Sexiest Female and Villain of the Year. No accusations of bias coming from the Walford camp in 2006.”
  • Private street guards are becoming more common in wealthy London neighborhoods. Has American-style crime paranoia finally jumped the Pond?(The Times)
  • Danielle Lloyd, one of the Big Brother bullies, is back with her boyfriend Marcus Bent, who, wearing little else than swimtrucks and a smile, is officially one of the tastiest dishes we’ve ever seen.(Daily Mail)
  • Sexy British rugby goodness from Mark Simpson and Towleroad. Not quite Marcus Bent-caliber, but enough to tide one over.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.