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The Independent takes on the hot topic of British actors dominating American television. In their piece, they interview actors like hunky Battlestar Galactica star, Jamie Bamber, who try to help explain why UK actors are fleeing to U.S. shores.  Bamber suggested it's an issue of quality, claiming that the UK's popular soaps are taking up valuable airtime that could be better filled by the umpteenth CSI knockoff:

"It frustrates me that Britain can't make something like CSI or The Sopranos. Instead, British TV puts soap in primetime while every other civilized nation leaves it in daytime. Viewers should be more demanding."

I can't imagine soap viewers being pleased with Bamber's suggestion that their viewing palettes are less than refined. I beg of you, though, please aim your curled fists away from the face, feisty EastEnders fans. He's one of the tastier pieces of sci-fi eye candy out there, and the Brit accent is like a dollop of Cool Whip.

Better yet, funnel your ire toward Off The Telly, the sharp British TV criticism site. Writer Chris Orton says EastEnders is barely tolerable these days. "Does anybody still watch EastEnders these days? The BBC appears to be going through one of its periodic advertising campaigns for the show at the moment, with all manner of trailers on both the telly and radio. Some of these ads feature characters who are among the least interesting to have appeared in the show in its entire history." Youch!

In other news:

  • Pete Doherty arrested – again. And no, you're not mistakenly reading a blog entry from 2005. (BBC)

  • Helen Mirren has issued a "rain check" to Queen Elizabeth II's dinner invite. Royalist tongues are wagging. (Daily Mail)
  • Gordon Ramsay has encouraged Britons to embrace the health benefits of eating horse meat. (Telegraph)
  • Ramsay planted a saucy kiss on guest Dawn French while filming The F-Word. (Hello!)
  • Jade Jagger moons the red carpet. (Daily Mail)
  • Naomi Campbell has been linked to Uma Thurman's ex, Andre Balazs. (Page Six)
  • Is Naomi Watts cynically using her British heritage to land a part in the sixth Harry Potter movie? That's what Cinemablend surmises.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have set down roots in London to give their kids a proper British education. (Daily Mail)
  • David Tennant isn't a fan of on-screen happy endings. Speaking on the Parkinson chat show, the Doctor Who star said, "Pretending to climax on screen is about the most embarrassing thing I have ever done. It was in a film once quite a long time ago. It's only because it's a relatively private experience, let's be honest." (The Sun)
  • Why are so many apocalyptic films set in London? (Guardian)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.