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Posh Spice has clearly forgotten Rule No. 1 for making it in America: be nice to J. Randy Taraborrelli. Actually, she was downright mean to him, and she pays the price in today's Daily Mail. Apparently, Taraborrelli approached Victoria to welcome her to the States. Victoria and her entourage didn't take too kindly to this gesture:

"Excuse me, Victoria, but I just wanted to welcome you to America," I offer.

She fixes me with an icy stare, as though I had just delivered the most offensive insult.

"You see, this is my life," she mutters to one of the men. "So, welcome to it."

Then, suddenly, her team of sycophants springs into action. "Hey! No one said you could speak to her," scolds one of the men.

"You! Get back. You're much too close," says one of the women. "And it's Mrs. Beckham," reminds another.

Haha. Even though I'd love to think the worst of Victoria – and I was so planning to – why don't I entirely believe this account? When she tells him, sarcastically, "This is my life…you're welcome to it," it means, quite simply, Step the f*ck back or else, and when he refused, the minions got involved. It happens. Considering his article is titled, "Why Posh's chances of cracking America are slim," one can only assume he showed her some true L.A. hospitality. Tarraborelli quotes a source who says, "I would say that in terms of the ladder of fame in America – with accomplished women such as Madonna or even a no-talent like Paris Hilton on the top – Victoria Beckham is pretty far down at the bottom." If Posh is at the bottom, she's still miles above some cheap tabloid reporter.

In other words:

  • The BBC Trust has named a new chairman: Sir Michael Lyons. (BBC)

  • In today's Sun, the Arctic Monkeys have hit out at BBC Radio 1 for playing "crap music." They also agree with me about a certain atrocious remake of a Smiths classic. Smart boys.
  • Kirsten Dunst has been putting up the big bucks to fly new love Johnny Borrell to film premieres and fancy hotels. (Mirror)
  • Borrell shows off his newly toned, Dunst-worthy torso for the cover of Vogue. (The Sun)
  • Robbie Williams hits the town with his mates. (The Sun)
  • Sienna Miller fled the scene of an apparent shooting at a swanky London nightspot. Reportedly, a photographer was the target. (Daily Mail)
  • Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding serves paps with a less violent but equally clear gesture. (The Sun)
  • Tom Chaplin of Keane is on a post-rehab health kick. (Mirror)
  • David Tennant says he wants to be "a Bond baddie. They always have some disability, don't they? I could have one leg and be stroking a chicken saying 'I've infected the world with bird flu'." (Mirror)
  • Kate Moss looking unglam. (Daily Mail)
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar and the producers of Kumars at No. 42 are looking to make an American version of the hit comedy with the same cast. If you recall, a U.S. remake of Kumars has already been attempted, with Fox's unaired The Ortegas. (Daily Mail)
  • Wallace & Gromit are getting a $20 million new home. (Daily Mail)
  • What's 15-year-old Pixie Geldof doing out drinking with her big sis?
    (Daily Mail)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.