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  • Orlando Bloom is being linked to Australian Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr.From The Sun and Page Six.

  • Not Safe For Work, y’all: Rod Stewart‘s son, Sean, skinny-dips.(The Sun)
  • Photos: Sir Paul McCartney dines out with son James and daughter Mary.(Daily Mail)
  • Robbie Williams has advised Heather Mills to “stay strong” in her divorce with McCartney.
  • Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs says that many acts doing the Diana memorial are just trying to sell more records. “Elton John can do it – he knew her. I didn’t know her. It would be hypocritical.”(Daily Mail)
  • The two princes aren’t satisfied with the line-up announced yesterday: they want even bigger stars like Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Paul McCartney.(Mirror)
  • Prince Harry and girlfriend Chelsy Davy are holidaying in Barbados.
  • From The Mirror: Joss Stone told good friend Lemar that she’s “besotted” with her producer, 40-year old Raphael Saddiq, formerly of R&B band Tony Toni Toné and neo-soul supergroup Lucy Pearl.
  • Was Julia Child a big old ‘phobe?(Page Six)
  • Sadie Frost is being linked to another piece of barely legal man-flesh. Dating younger is the best revenge, n’est-ce pas?(Page Six)
  • Metro takes jibes at Jude Law for jet-setting on an “unglamorous” budget airline and “wearing dodgy white framed sunglasses.”
  • The Independent interviews the happiest hip-hopper ever, UK rapper Just Jack: “I’ve never been a particularly angry person and I’ve never been into music that’s threatening,” he says.
  • Amy Winehouse ain’t ashamed to show her emotions: “A lot of music now is trying to be cool and like, ‘Yeah, I don’t really care about you’ – a really blasé attitude. I think it’s much nicer to be in love, and throw yourself into it, and want to lie in the road for that person. It’s like the difference between having a dance in the middle of the party and standing around the outside with a beer bottle trying to look cool.”
  • Music declares Good Shoes, Los Campesinos, and Lucky Soul “your new favorite bands.”
  • Popjustice re-jiggers their Almighty list to include Alphabeat, Siobhan Donaghy, The Real Heat, and Dragonette.
  • A reality show in India will offer students scholarships to British universities.(Guardian)
  • A clearly vision-impaired fan mistook Edie Falco for Helen Mirren.
    (New York Post)
  • So Ricky Gervais likes to laugh on-set…so what? Ben Stiller is clearly joking when he says, in Night at the Museum DVD extras, that “Ricky Gervais has a problem. He’s not a professional actor as a professional actor would never crack up.” The Mirror‘s misleading headline suggests Stiller is disrespecting Gervais.
  • UK Channel 4 may face financial oblivion in five years due to heavy spending.(The Times)
  • Mark of Cain, a C4 war drama featuring “British troops abusing Iraqi detainees,” was supposed to air tomorrow but has been postponed due to the current Iran hostage crisis.(BBC)
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced the release of the British soldiers.(Guardian)
  • A secretary has successfully sought libel damages from the BBC over her portrayal in a TV drama about former PM Harold Wilson.(BBC)
  • Green Wing hunk Julian Rhind-Tutt, who hits the London stage in Landscape with Weapon, muses on his career (“On countless occasions I seem to have collaborated with the most talented and brilliant people on the one outstanding failures of their careers.”) and his resemblance to a certain Golden Globe-winning actor (“This is something I’ve had a lot – that I’m very similar in my movements and energy and general person to Bill Nighy.”) in The Daily Telegraph.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.